Saturday, August 1, 2009

Call to King of Malaysia YDP Agong for RCI

URGENT & VERY IMPORTANT 1st August, 2009

DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan AGONG X111

Al-Wathiqu Billah Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin ibni

Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah

D.K.T., D.K.R., D.M.N.. S.S.M.T., S.P.M.T., D.K. (Perlis),

D.K. (Johor), D.K.M.B. (Brunei), D.K. (Perak), D.K. (Negeri Sembilan),

D.K. (Kedah), D.K. (Kelantan), D.K. (Selangor), S.P.M.J.,

Commandeur De La Legion D'Honneur (France),

Istana Negara,

Kuala Lumpur.

Dear Tuanku,

Greetings from Sabah Ampun Tuanku, Daulat Tuanku,

I would like to urge YDP Agong Tuanku to consider the immediate set up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry on the profligacy of national wealth and resources of RM30 trillions and more as illustrated and identified in my 30 Police Reports of 1,000 pages as per schedule attached.

I lodged the latest 29th Police Report on 27th July 2009 on Bank Negara Malaysia and my outstanding Police Reports which I believe had been treated as No further action. (Police report Karamunsing/012023/09 as attached)

Ampun Tuanku and Daulat Tuanku, Thank you for reading this letter. We need to act now.

Yours patriotic and humble subject,

Joshua Y. C. Kong


30 POLICE REPORTS of Joshua Kong worth RM30 trillions and more

1. Police Report on EPIC (Extra People IC) 28 October 2004 KK/rpt/23408/04
2. PR and ACA -The RM5 Billion water Malaise in Sabah 28 Oct 04 KK/RPT/23409/04 and ACA submitted on 15-3-04.
3. UMNO Sabah and its landed properties(USH) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
4. UMNO Sabah and its membership (USKA) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
5. Bank Negara & Ringgit Notes (BNRM) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
6. Non Revenue Water (NRW) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
7 . Petronas & Sabah (P&S) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
8. Identity Cards -genuine and dubious in the hands of illegals under P1/P2 'Project Mahathir' Karamunsing Rpt/0227/06 21 June 06 (Jointly with President of Consumer Association of Sabah & Labuan FT (CASH) & Hashima Hasbullah of CASH)
9. On the conduct of the 11th National General Elections and 10th Sabah State General Elections- 21 March 2004 by the Election Commission (EC) K'sing/Rpt/10281/06 26 December 06
10. Police Report on Land Issues in Sabah Karamunsing/002428/07 14 February 2007
11. Police Report on our security and sovereignty K'sing/ 003948/07 16 March 2007. (Jointly with President and Secretary General of CASH)
12. POLICE REPORT ON a gangster SOH See Yee@Gary Su/Soo Luyang/002101/07 15 June 2007
13. POLICE REPORT ON Datuk Dr. Hj Patawari bin Hj Patawe Nric 571227-12-5051/H6008708/ 571227-71-5051 K'sing/008725/07 15 June, 2007
14. POLICE REPORT on EPIC OF SABAH K'sing/010000/07 07/07/2007 %%.
15. Police report on Sabah wealth as near gone K'sing/010000/07 07/07/2007 %%
16. Police Report on EC=Electoral Corrections K'sing/011997/07 10/08/2007
17. Police report on SESB for frauds against consumers K'sing 0015944/07 19th October 2007
18. Daily Express & Mr. Kassim Sangi (criminal injustice) Luyang/003634/07 19/10/07
19. Foreign Banks Accounts (corruption?) Luyang/004218/07 10/12/07
20. UK Arms deal with M'sia (corruption) Luyang/004222/07 10/12/07
21. Report on 18 Police Reports (Reminder) Luyang/004222/07 10/12/07
22. Pakistani with Mykad & 1 year Passport Luyang/001099/08 08/04/08
23. Frauds of General Elections 2008 Luyang/001100/08 08/04/08
24. Malaysia Agreement & Breaches K'sing/008525/08 06/06/2008
25. Petroleum Development Act and (Petronas), PM & NPA Council L/002072/08 11/7/ 08
26. ADUN Nilwan Kabang & MyKadnya L/002073/08 11th July, 2008
27. kejangakan atau perbuatan membazir atau memboros bangsa negara [ Profligacy of national resources] 3 Februari 2009.
28. Crisis of Sabah Consumers Association Tanjung Aru/000472/09 bt 06/02/09
29. Bank Negara Malaysia and my outstanding Police Reports treated as No further action. (Police report Karamunsing/012023/09 27 July 2009)
30. Sabah Consumers Association Crisis (2nd Report) Police report Karamunsing/012025/09 27 July 2009
I have also lodged Report to Suhakam and Biro Pengaduan Awam for the outcome if any of those Police Reports.

NB: ** five items in one Police Report; %% two items in one Police Report.
These Police reports as supported by about 500 pages are filled with items of Tsunami of Illegals & Illegalities (TII).
These Police Reports when acted on appropriately are worth many Trillions of Ringgit.