Thursday, June 30, 2011

Agung should act now for IGGG

Start the count down now for the BERSIH rally on 9 th July, 2011 nationwide..

I had started that since I lodged two Police Reports in 2006 on GE2004 and 2008 on GE2008 on the rigging of GEs by the Election Commissions after earlier extending my written complaints to the EC and MACC etc but all ignored.

Then I brought the two election cases to the High Courts which (the electoral frauds by EC) were also ignored and strike out by TIME factor as manipulated by the High Court.

So RCI is another option.

No point with more Police Reports and then MACC is hopeless, the Courts also hopeless - no justice- the illegal PM is hopeless if GE2004 with great discrepancies in P85 of the ballot papers issued, so if the Agung is hopeless, where are we heading to? sure more chaos as anarchy is bad for everyone.

so rise up with IGGG

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Call to King of Malaysia YDP Agong for RCI

URGENT & VERY IMPORTANT 1st August, 2009

DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan AGONG X111

Al-Wathiqu Billah Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin ibni

Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah

D.K.T., D.K.R., D.M.N.. S.S.M.T., S.P.M.T., D.K. (Perlis),

D.K. (Johor), D.K.M.B. (Brunei), D.K. (Perak), D.K. (Negeri Sembilan),

D.K. (Kedah), D.K. (Kelantan), D.K. (Selangor), S.P.M.J.,

Commandeur De La Legion D'Honneur (France),

Istana Negara,

Kuala Lumpur.

Dear Tuanku,

Greetings from Sabah Ampun Tuanku, Daulat Tuanku,

I would like to urge YDP Agong Tuanku to consider the immediate set up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry on the profligacy of national wealth and resources of RM30 trillions and more as illustrated and identified in my 30 Police Reports of 1,000 pages as per schedule attached.

I lodged the latest 29th Police Report on 27th July 2009 on Bank Negara Malaysia and my outstanding Police Reports which I believe had been treated as No further action. (Police report Karamunsing/012023/09 as attached)

Ampun Tuanku and Daulat Tuanku, Thank you for reading this letter. We need to act now.

Yours patriotic and humble subject,

Joshua Y. C. Kong


30 POLICE REPORTS of Joshua Kong worth RM30 trillions and more

1. Police Report on EPIC (Extra People IC) 28 October 2004 KK/rpt/23408/04
2. PR and ACA -The RM5 Billion water Malaise in Sabah 28 Oct 04 KK/RPT/23409/04 and ACA submitted on 15-3-04.
3. UMNO Sabah and its landed properties(USH) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
4. UMNO Sabah and its membership (USKA) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
5. Bank Negara & Ringgit Notes (BNRM) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
6. Non Revenue Water (NRW) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
7 . Petronas & Sabah (P&S) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
8. Identity Cards -genuine and dubious in the hands of illegals under P1/P2 'Project Mahathir' Karamunsing Rpt/0227/06 21 June 06 (Jointly with President of Consumer Association of Sabah & Labuan FT (CASH) & Hashima Hasbullah of CASH)
9. On the conduct of the 11th National General Elections and 10th Sabah State General Elections- 21 March 2004 by the Election Commission (EC) K'sing/Rpt/10281/06 26 December 06
10. Police Report on Land Issues in Sabah Karamunsing/002428/07 14 February 2007
11. Police Report on our security and sovereignty K'sing/ 003948/07 16 March 2007. (Jointly with President and Secretary General of CASH)
12. POLICE REPORT ON a gangster SOH See Yee@Gary Su/Soo Luyang/002101/07 15 June 2007
13. POLICE REPORT ON Datuk Dr. Hj Patawari bin Hj Patawe Nric 571227-12-5051/H6008708/ 571227-71-5051 K'sing/008725/07 15 June, 2007
14. POLICE REPORT on EPIC OF SABAH K'sing/010000/07 07/07/2007 %%.
15. Police report on Sabah wealth as near gone K'sing/010000/07 07/07/2007 %%
16. Police Report on EC=Electoral Corrections K'sing/011997/07 10/08/2007
17. Police report on SESB for frauds against consumers K'sing 0015944/07 19th October 2007
18. Daily Express & Mr. Kassim Sangi (criminal injustice) Luyang/003634/07 19/10/07
19. Foreign Banks Accounts (corruption?) Luyang/004218/07 10/12/07
20. UK Arms deal with M'sia (corruption) Luyang/004222/07 10/12/07
21. Report on 18 Police Reports (Reminder) Luyang/004222/07 10/12/07
22. Pakistani with Mykad & 1 year Passport Luyang/001099/08 08/04/08
23. Frauds of General Elections 2008 Luyang/001100/08 08/04/08
24. Malaysia Agreement & Breaches K'sing/008525/08 06/06/2008
25. Petroleum Development Act and (Petronas), PM & NPA Council L/002072/08 11/7/ 08
26. ADUN Nilwan Kabang & MyKadnya L/002073/08 11th July, 2008
27. kejangakan atau perbuatan membazir atau memboros bangsa negara [ Profligacy of national resources] 3 Februari 2009.
28. Crisis of Sabah Consumers Association Tanjung Aru/000472/09 bt 06/02/09
29. Bank Negara Malaysia and my outstanding Police Reports treated as No further action. (Police report Karamunsing/012023/09 27 July 2009)
30. Sabah Consumers Association Crisis (2nd Report) Police report Karamunsing/012025/09 27 July 2009
I have also lodged Report to Suhakam and Biro Pengaduan Awam for the outcome if any of those Police Reports.

NB: ** five items in one Police Report; %% two items in one Police Report.
These Police reports as supported by about 500 pages are filled with items of Tsunami of Illegals & Illegalities (TII).
These Police Reports when acted on appropriately are worth many Trillions of Ringgit.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

28th Police Report

Laporan Polis atas Krisis (Crisis) Sabah Consumers Association (CASH) 6hb Feb., 2009
Kami sebagai anggota dan ahli Exco Sabah Consumers Association @ Consumers Association of Sabah & Labuan FT (CASH) akan gemar membuat laporan Polis ini melawan aktivitas protem Setiausaha Agong Puan Hashima Hasbullah yang mengadakan jawatan sejak Januari, 2007 dan Nordin Thani sebagai protem Deputy Presiden? yang dikira sejak akhir 2006 dalam urusan CASH sejak terlambat Januari 2009 dengan Laporan Polis dan beberapa persidangan media.
Beberapa persoalan yang diangkat oleh dua orang perwira senior CASH itu bisa terbaik dipecahkan dalam CASH sejak kegawatan di hadapan kami akan ditangani oleh Jawatankuasa Siasatan Dalam diketuai oleh Joshua Kong juga sebagai Timbalan Presiden. SG dan Nordin mempunyai kesempatan untuk berurusan dengan berbagai persoalan atas pengaturan CASH ketika mereka mengadakan posisi pokok. Dana pun yang masuk 'hairan' boleh ditangani dalam CASH sewaktu dalam tahun menerangkan. Dana yang masuk kepunyaan persatuan dan kenapa SG seorang diri mengambil tugas menyingkap kesalahan kewangan ketika Nordin tidak lagi ambil bahagian dalam CASH mengikut pernatayaannya dalam Pos Borneo pada 22 Januari, 2009 yang dilampirkan? Dalam tahun-tahun Presiden sudah mengorbankan banyak dan jumlah seperti itu dianggap sebagai sedikit sekali.
Beberapa syarat-syarat (terms) seperti tiru tanda-tangan (forged signature), CBT konspirasi (Criminal Breach of Trust conspiracy), cukup untuk membeli rumah, persatuan haram di antara perkara lain sudah dipakai di persidangan media dengan merusakkan mengenai Presiden dan CASH.
Kami akan mendesak Polis bahwa sedangkan pemeriksaan resmi dan dalam terus-menerus, dua orang 'perwira senior' CASH itu disekat dari lagi merusakkan implikasi dengan pemeriksaan pengadilan yang tak dibenarkan di press prasangka.
Sementara itu, kami akan mengbetulkan yang mana pun itu dikehendaki dari Pendaftar Pertubuhan Sabah untuk meralat kekurangan CASH yang mana perlu.
Kami percaya bahwa kami bisa melayani publik di konsumerisme lebih efektif dengan perkumpulan yang diperbarui. (Laporan ini dalam Bahasa Inggeris adalah lebih terang)

We as members and office holders of Sabah Consumers Association @ Consumers' Association of Sabah & Labuan FT (CASH) would like to make this Police report against the activities of protem Secretary General Puan Hashima Hasbullah who held the office since January, 2007 and Nordin Thani as protem Deputy President? believed to be since late 2006 over the affairs of the CASH since late January 2009 by lodging Police Reports and press conferences.
The range of issues that are raised by the said two senior officers of CASH can be best resolved within the Association now that the crisis before us is to be dealt with by an Internal Investigation Committee chaired by Joshua Kong also the Deputy President.
SG and Nordin had the chance to deal with various issues on management of the CASH when they held key positions. Even the fund that came in surprisingly could be dealt within the Association as it was within the accounting year. The fund that came in belong to the Association and how come SG alone took the task of disclosing the financial fault when Nordin had expressed no more interest in CASH as per press statement of Borneo Post on 22nd January, 2009 as attached? Over the years the President had sacrificed a lot and such a sum is considered a pittance.
Several terms such as forged signature, CBT conspiracy, enough to buy a house, illegal association amongst others have been used in the press with damaging impact on the President and CASH.
We would urge the Police that while the official and internal investigation is ongoing, the said two 'senior officers' of CASH be barred from any more damaging implications with the unjustified trial in the bias press.
Meanwhile, we will update whatever that is required of the Registrar of Society to rectify whatever shortcomings of CASH.
We trust that we can serve the public in consumerism more effectively with a revamped association.

Joshua Y. C. Kong 480823-12-5003
Timbalan Presiden/Deputy President cum Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Siasat Dalam

29th & 30 Police Reports

Laporan Polis atas senario yang kurang baik atas Persatuan Pengguna Sabah 27 July 2009

I as deputy President of Sabah Consumer Association (SCA) urge the relevant authorities - the Police, the Registrar of Society and the Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission to investigate the questioned activities of Hashima bte Hasbullah and Nordin Thani formerly of SCA also known as CASH as played out in the press since 3rd February 2009 (A1) with agenda known to them. [refer Police Report Tanjung Aru/000472/09 dated 06/02/09] [A]
The issues that appeared in the press have attracted much public interests.
Then a substantial publicity process went through the press especially on 21st February, 2009 after several investigations by the relevant authorities over the alleged affairs when Daily Express published an item titled - Cash official to be charged? (A2) Who actually made that press release or statement to the reporter Elizabeth Majaham as no source was mentioned? How reliable was that press report? This press report must be investigated and appropriate action taken.
I had compiled a report as the Chairman of Internal Investigation Committee, of SCA which was delivered by me at the Annual General Meeting held on 15th March, 2009. (A3a -A3b).
The press report titled "CASH estranged deputy President 1 Thani stunned by Joshua's remark (New Sabah Times 25th February, 2009) (A4-A4a) has exposed Nordin's motive and criminal defamation as Nordin had earlier referred 'CASH' in criminal breach of trust conspiracy (A1).
On 14th July 2009, I got a certified copy of ROS show cause letter dated 10th April, 2009 (A5a-A5b) from the Registrar of Society's office at 5th Floor, Wisma MAA. I was not informed then of the letter on de-registration dated 7th July. Later on 17th July, 2009, it was reported by Hashima that the Association was de-registered on 7th July, 2009. [A6]. Hashima as Secretary General of SCA from 2007 till February, 2009 should have managed the issues of legality within her power within the SCA and instead she exposed SCA outside the provisions of the Association..
Since 3rd February, 2009, the Sabah director of ROS had only spoken to the press once on 6th February 2009 (A7).
SCA has 30 days from 7th July to appeal against de-registration. SCA - a consumer NGO has an important function, SCA can only be revived by the genuine, matured and interested consumer activists.

Saya selaku Timbalan Presiden Persatuan Pengguna Sabah (PPS) mahu beberapa pihak yang berkuasa - Polis, Pendafter Pertubuhan dan Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) untuk siasat tindakan yang disangka keliruan oleh Hashima bte Hasbullah dan Nordin Thani bekas ahli PPS juga dikenal sebagai CASH seperti yang bertimbul di mass media sejak 3 Februari 2009 (A1) dengan ajenda diketahui oleh kedua orang itu. [rujuk Laporan Polis Tanjung Aru/000472/09 bt 06/02/09] [A]

Persoalan yang muncul di mass media sudah menarik banyak kepentingan umum.

Lalu proses publisiti besar menembus mass media khususnya pada 21 Februari, 2009 sesudah beberapa pemeriksaan oleh pihak kuasa yang relevan tentang urusan yang diduga ketika Daily Express menerbitkan artikel bergelar - Pegawai Cash akan dituduh di Mahkamah? (A2) Siapa sebetulnya membuat siaran surat khabar itu atau pernyataan itu ke wartawan Elizabeth Majaham sebagai tak ada sumber disebut? Bagaimana dapat handalan adalah warta berita itu? Warta berita ini harus diselidiki dan tindakan pantas diambil atas pihak yang terlibat.

Saya sudah menyusun laporan sewaktu Ketua Jawatankuasa Siasat Dalaman, PPS yang disampaikan oleh saya di Mesyuarat Umum Tahunan pada 15hb Mac, 2009. (A3a -A3b). Warta berita menjuduli "CASH menjauhkan wakil Presiden 1 Thani mempesonakan oleh ucapan Joshua (New Sabah Times 25 Februari, 2009) (A4-A4a) sudah membuka fitnah pendorong dan kejahatan Nordin sebagai Nordin tadi sudah merujuk 'CASH' di kejahatan pemutusan mempercayai persekongkolan (CBT conspiracy) (A1)."

Pada 14 Julai 2009, saya mendapat salinan surat bertarikh 10 April, 2009 (A5a-A5b) yang disahkan oleh ROS dari pejabatnya di Tingkat 5, Wisma MAA, Kota Kinabalu. Saya tidak diberitahu surat berkaitan batalan bertarikh 7hb Julai itu. Kemudian pada 17hb Julai, 2009, dilaporkan oleh Hashima bahwa PPS di batalkan pendaftaran pada 7hb Julai, 2009. [A6}. Hashima sebagai Setiausaha Agung PPS dari 2007 sampai Februari, 2009 sebetulnya dengan sebaiknya mengelola persoalan keadaan berkaitan perkara sah atau tidak dengan kekuasaannya dalam PPS dan malahan dia bangkitkan PPS di luar peraturan persatuan yang ada.

Sejak 3 Februari, 2009, Pengarah ROS hanya nampaknya ada pernyataan surat khabar pada 6 Februari 2009 (A7). PPS mempunyai 30 hari dari 7 Julai untuk memohon (appeal) terhadap batalan pendaftarannya. PPS sebagai NGO pengguna mempunyai fungsi penting, PPS hanya bisa disadarkan oleh sesiapa yang tulus, matang dan berminat bagi aktivis pengguna.

Joshua Kong Yun Chee

LAPORAN POLIS atas Bank Negara Malaysia atas kemunduran aset dan 28 laporan Polis 27 July 2009

I urge the Police would investigate the decline of the assets of Bank Negara Malaysia according to the BNM Statement of Assets and Liabilities of RM506, 986,188,441 (A1) on 15 May, 2008 to RM348,960,210,497 (A2) on 15 April, 2009 showing a decline of almost RM158 billions over less than a year together with a summary from 2002-2009 (A3). Why is there such a decline? Is such a decline due to the facts and figures presented in my 27th Police Report lodged on 3rd February, 2009 also posted on
For information only - the US Dollar equivalent of International Reserves was USD 91,202.5 million as at 15 July 2009 or RM 321,656,194,982 and asset as RM350,176,089,070 according to the website of BNM.
I had also earlier lodged Police Report on BNM as per Bank Negara & Ringgit Notes (BNRM) KK/rpt/27530/04; 21 Dec 2004.
I had also lodged 28 Police Reports worth many trillions of Ringgit as per list. (A4). What are the status on them?
In view of the global financial and economic crisis, and our reserves mainly in US currency subject to much depreciation can affect our capability to import goods and services, I would call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to scrutinise the national status especially over my recent 28 Police Reports plus this one of great national interests.

Saya mendesak Polis akan menyelidiki kemunduran aset Bank Negara Malaysia menurut BNM Statement of Assets dan Pertanggungjawaban sebesar RM506, 986.188.441 (A1) di atas 15 Mei, 2008 sampai RM348.960.210.497 (A2) pada 15 April, 2009 memperlihatkan kepada kemunduran sebesar hampir RM158 bilion dalam tempoh kurang dari setahun bersama dengan ringkasan dari 2002-2009 (A3).
Mengapa ada kemunduran seperti itu? Apakah hak kemunduran seperti itu sampai fakta dan bilangan ditimbulkan di Laporan Polisi ke27 saya menginap pada 3 Februari, 2009 juga mengirimkan di
Untuk informasi saja - Reserve Internasional dalam DOLAR AS adalah USD 91.202,5 juta sebagai di 15 Julai 2009 atau RM 321.656.194.982 dan aset sewaktu RM350.176.089.070 menurut situs web BNM.
Saya sudah buat Laporan Polis lebih awal atas BNM menurut Bank Negara & Ringgit Notes (BNRM) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Des 2004.
Saya juga sudah menyangkutkan 28 Laporan Polis harga bertrilyun-trilyun Ringgit menurut senarai. (A4). Apa terjadi atas Laporan itu?
Mengingat krisis kewangan dan ekonomi global, dan reserve kami sebagian besar di mata wang AS yang tidak stabil bisa mempengaruhi kemampuan kami untuk mengimpot barang-barang dan servis, saya akan meminta Suruhanjaya Siasatan Di Raja untuk memeriksa status nasional khasnya saya sudah buat 28 Laporan Polis tambah ini satu kerana minat nasional yang besar.

Joshua Kong Yun Chee

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Corrupted EC Chairman Rashid & GE 2004/2008

Malaysian General Election 2004 and General Election 2008

I have published a book on "Malaysian General Election March 2004 - A Case of Victory -landslide or rigslide"

And the Election Chairman now retired on 30th December 2008 has been challenged in the following ways especially to explain those massive Issued Ballot Papers discrepancies of the Parliament seat and the respective State seats within it.

Also he has to initiate whatever actions necessary to clear his name in the following items apart from what he had said he had done nothing wrong and if proven wrong he was to resign. The fact that he avoid the Court cases by legalities prove only one thing - mens rea.

For Malaysian leaders including (Tan Sri) Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.
About the 400 acres awarded to Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman in Pahang for the arithmetic discrepancies in Pekan, Pahang where the deputy Prime Minister when he was returned in Pekan with a very big majority of 22,922 in Pekan in GE 2004 after only 241 majority in GE 1999.

UMNO Pahang anugerah 400 ekar tanah pada Pengerusi SPR?

New Year's Eve celebration tonight has been cancelled!
By Raja Petra Kamarudin 31st December 2008

Rashid's reply to the proposal to abolish the postal voting system is that if they do that then none of the cabinet ministers would be able to retain their seats. When the shocked assembly asked Rashid is not the purpose of the Election Commission to ensure that they run a fair and free election, he shocked the assembly even further by retorting that the purpose of the Election Commission is to ensure that the Malays do not lose political power.

The Malaysian election system is rife with fraud and manipulation.
So, sue me Rashid. Take me to court, you slime-ball, scumbag and poor excuse for a human, and let all these details surface in my trial. I eagerly await your Writ of Summons.

MAFREL BERSIH? – To monitor the Malaysian 12th General Election; EC Chairman: "I Will Resign" If Court said there is rigging in any GE or By Election [November 20, 2007]

Http:// 20 November, 2007
Prove rigging and I'll quit, says Election Commission Chairman

Wednesday, February 4, 2009



Should a Police Report be lodged to clear this matter??
How to bring a government down

Wednesday, 04 February 2009 19:04

The Perak Menteri Besar has just had his audience with His Highness the Sultan of Perak to request Tuanku’s consent to dissolve the Perak State Assembly. It seems the Sultan wants to ‘think about it’ first and will probably make his decision after seeing Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak tomorrow. Maybe, while Tuanku is at it, he can also think about the following.

written by raven1958, February 04, 2009 19:56:55

And what did the Perak electorate think...that Najib wont cheat, kill, maim, murder, kidnap, blackmail, buy or do any combination of these things to get what he dont know this chap or worse still his scheming wife despite everything out there. Razak has taught him well.....This is a dangerous man and only a massive uprising is going to save the people of Perak for the Sultan is not going to do shit to lift a finger to help the rakyat despite his lofty ideals or qualifications. Read again...


1.On March 8th 2008, Malaysia’s opposition parties had won unexpected victories in the states of Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and PAS maintained Kelantan
2.The BN was in serious trouble and could not believe that the economic powerhouses of Penang and especially Selangor had fallen.
3.Zakaria Deros, the assemblyman who was largely faulted for Selangor’s fall together with Khir Toyo was informed of an emergency UMNO meeting on the night of March 10th 2008 at Najib’s house.
4.However on arrival, Zakaria was surprised to see that there was no one there except for him, Najib and his bodyguards. “Where are the rest?” Zakaria asked. “This is a confidential meeting between the both of us only” Najib replied
5.Najib, then Defence Minister, came straight to the point. Remember 13th May 1969, the incident that my father was involved in? I want you to start a similar incident in Klang. I will call in the army and impose emergency rule afterwards. If you agree, you will be rewarded amply; otherwise you will pay heavily for your corrupt deeds and for the fall of Selangor.
6.Zakaria in his loud and gruff voice not only made it clear that he will not be a party to a riot in Klang but also barked at Najib that he knows well that Rosmah pulled the trigger to kill Altantunya and Najib Oked the C4 of the body.
7.Zakaria further screamed at Najib that he will expose this to the public.
8.The enraged Najib instructed his bodyguards who set upon Zakaria and beat him up till he became unconscious eventually suffocating him by strangling and killing him.
9.The well oiled team covered up the entire incident as Zakaria having a heart attack at just after midnight March 11th 2008.
10.His body was quickly brought back to his mansion in Klang, and sent off for burial in Malacca by late morning March 11th 2008.
11.Corrupted to the core though Zakaria was, he saved the people of Klang from falling for Najib’s evil calling although his sons did try to start an incident unsuccessfully in Telok Gong. Zakaria however paid a heavy price. His own death. If his body was excavated, apart from the strangulation, the injuries include multiple rib fractures, punctured lung and a possible a liver tear.
12.The depth of cruelty and evil that both Najib and Rosmah bear is unknown to many Malaysians. The country is really entering a very dangerous period of its history. UMNO’s culture since Razak, has been that the end justifies the means. Malaysians will now have to decide how bloody this end is going to be.