Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Corrupted EC Chairman Rashid & GE 2004/2008

Malaysian General Election 2004 and General Election 2008

I have published a book on "Malaysian General Election March 2004 - A Case of Victory -landslide or rigslide"

And the Election Chairman now retired on 30th December 2008 has been challenged in the following ways especially to explain those massive Issued Ballot Papers discrepancies of the Parliament seat and the respective State seats within it.

Also he has to initiate whatever actions necessary to clear his name in the following items apart from what he had said he had done nothing wrong and if proven wrong he was to resign. The fact that he avoid the Court cases by legalities prove only one thing - mens rea.

For Malaysian leaders including (Tan Sri) Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.
About the 400 acres awarded to Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman in Pahang for the arithmetic discrepancies in Pekan, Pahang where the deputy Prime Minister when he was returned in Pekan with a very big majority of 22,922 in Pekan in GE 2004 after only 241 majority in GE 1999.

UMNO Pahang anugerah 400 ekar tanah pada Pengerusi SPR?

New Year's Eve celebration tonight has been cancelled!
By Raja Petra Kamarudin 31st December 2008

Rashid's reply to the proposal to abolish the postal voting system is that if they do that then none of the cabinet ministers would be able to retain their seats. When the shocked assembly asked Rashid is not the purpose of the Election Commission to ensure that they run a fair and free election, he shocked the assembly even further by retorting that the purpose of the Election Commission is to ensure that the Malays do not lose political power.

The Malaysian election system is rife with fraud and manipulation.
So, sue me Rashid. Take me to court, you slime-ball, scumbag and poor excuse for a human, and let all these details surface in my trial. I eagerly await your Writ of Summons.

MAFREL BERSIH? – To monitor the Malaysian 12th General Election; EC Chairman: "I Will Resign" If Court said there is rigging in any GE or By Election [November 20, 2007]

Http:// 20 November, 2007
Prove rigging and I'll quit, says Election Commission Chairman

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