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Should a Police Report be lodged to clear this matter??
How to bring a government down

Wednesday, 04 February 2009 19:04

The Perak Menteri Besar has just had his audience with His Highness the Sultan of Perak to request Tuanku’s consent to dissolve the Perak State Assembly. It seems the Sultan wants to ‘think about it’ first and will probably make his decision after seeing Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak tomorrow. Maybe, while Tuanku is at it, he can also think about the following.

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And what did the Perak electorate think...that Najib wont cheat, kill, maim, murder, kidnap, blackmail, buy or do any combination of these things to get what he dont know this chap or worse still his scheming wife despite everything out there. Razak has taught him well.....This is a dangerous man and only a massive uprising is going to save the people of Perak for the Sultan is not going to do shit to lift a finger to help the rakyat despite his lofty ideals or qualifications. Read again...


1.On March 8th 2008, Malaysia’s opposition parties had won unexpected victories in the states of Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and PAS maintained Kelantan
2.The BN was in serious trouble and could not believe that the economic powerhouses of Penang and especially Selangor had fallen.
3.Zakaria Deros, the assemblyman who was largely faulted for Selangor’s fall together with Khir Toyo was informed of an emergency UMNO meeting on the night of March 10th 2008 at Najib’s house.
4.However on arrival, Zakaria was surprised to see that there was no one there except for him, Najib and his bodyguards. “Where are the rest?” Zakaria asked. “This is a confidential meeting between the both of us only” Najib replied
5.Najib, then Defence Minister, came straight to the point. Remember 13th May 1969, the incident that my father was involved in? I want you to start a similar incident in Klang. I will call in the army and impose emergency rule afterwards. If you agree, you will be rewarded amply; otherwise you will pay heavily for your corrupt deeds and for the fall of Selangor.
6.Zakaria in his loud and gruff voice not only made it clear that he will not be a party to a riot in Klang but also barked at Najib that he knows well that Rosmah pulled the trigger to kill Altantunya and Najib Oked the C4 of the body.
7.Zakaria further screamed at Najib that he will expose this to the public.
8.The enraged Najib instructed his bodyguards who set upon Zakaria and beat him up till he became unconscious eventually suffocating him by strangling and killing him.
9.The well oiled team covered up the entire incident as Zakaria having a heart attack at just after midnight March 11th 2008.
10.His body was quickly brought back to his mansion in Klang, and sent off for burial in Malacca by late morning March 11th 2008.
11.Corrupted to the core though Zakaria was, he saved the people of Klang from falling for Najib’s evil calling although his sons did try to start an incident unsuccessfully in Telok Gong. Zakaria however paid a heavy price. His own death. If his body was excavated, apart from the strangulation, the injuries include multiple rib fractures, punctured lung and a possible a liver tear.
12.The depth of cruelty and evil that both Najib and Rosmah bear is unknown to many Malaysians. The country is really entering a very dangerous period of its history. UMNO’s culture since Razak, has been that the end justifies the means. Malaysians will now have to decide how bloody this end is going to be.


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  4. Huuuu evil is in power now. All Malaysian should know this..