Thursday, June 30, 2011

Agung should act now for IGGG

Start the count down now for the BERSIH rally on 9 th July, 2011 nationwide..

I had started that since I lodged two Police Reports in 2006 on GE2004 and 2008 on GE2008 on the rigging of GEs by the Election Commissions after earlier extending my written complaints to the EC and MACC etc but all ignored.

Then I brought the two election cases to the High Courts which (the electoral frauds by EC) were also ignored and strike out by TIME factor as manipulated by the High Court.

So RCI is another option.

No point with more Police Reports and then MACC is hopeless, the Courts also hopeless - no justice- the illegal PM is hopeless if GE2004 with great discrepancies in P85 of the ballot papers issued, so if the Agung is hopeless, where are we heading to? sure more chaos as anarchy is bad for everyone.

so rise up with IGGG

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