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26 POLICE REPORTS worth RM11.441 trillions

Lodged from 2004 - 2008 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, BORNEO, Malaysia.

POLICE REPORTS of Joshua Kong /(CASH) 2004-2008 Appendix A
1. Police Report on EPIC (Extra People IC) 28 October 2004 KK/rpt/23408/04
2. PR and ACA -The RM5 Billion water Malaise in Sabah 28 Oct 04 KK/RPT/23409/04 and ACA submitted on 15-3-04.
3. UMNO Sabah and its landed properties(USH) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
4. UMNO Sabah and its membership (USKA) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
5. Bank Negara & Ringgit Notes (BNRM) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
6. Non Revenue Water (NRW) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
7 . Petronas & Sabah (P&S) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
8. Identity Cards -genuine and dubious in the hands of illegals under P1/P2 'Project Mahathir' Karamunsing Rpt/0227/06 21 June 06 (Jointly with President of Consumer Association of Sabah & Labuan FT (CASH) & Hashima Hasbullah of CASH)
9. On the conduct of the 11th National General Elections and 10th Sabah State General Elections- 21 March 2004 by the Election Commission (EC) K'sing/Rpt/10281/06 26 Dec 06
10. Land Issues in Sabah Karamunsing/002428/07 14 February 2007
11. Our security and sovereignty K'sing/ 003948/07 16 March 2007.(Jointly with President and Secretary General of CASH)
12. A gangster SOH See Yee@Gary Su/Soo Luyang/002101/07 15 June 2007
13. Datuk Dr. Hj Patawari bin Hj Patawe (questioned identity) Nric 571227-12-5051/H6008708/ 571227-71-5051 K'sing/008725/07 15 June, 2007
14. EPIC OF SABAH -some VIPs K'sing/010000/07 07/07/2007 %%.
15. Sabah wealth as near gone K'sing/010000/07 07/07/2007 %%
16. EC=Electoral Corrections (electoral frauds GE 2004) K'sing/011997/07 10/08/2007
17. Close down SESB - [frauds in billions] K'sing/015944/07 19/10/07.
18. Daily Express & Mr. Kassim Sangi (criminal injustice) Luyang/003634/07 19/10/07
19. Foreign Banks Accounts (corruption?) Luyang/004218/07 10/12/0720. UK Arms deal with M'sia (corruption) Luyang/004222/07 10/12/0721. Report on 18 Police Reports (Reminder) Luyang/004222/07 10/12/07
20. UK Arms deal with M'sia (corruption) Luyang/004222/07 10/12/07
21. Report on 18 Police Reports (Reminder) Luyang/004222/07 10/12/07
22. Passport (one year) & Mykad to 'Pakistani' are questioned Luyang 001099/08 - 8 April 2008
23. Police Report- General Elections 2008 by Joshua Kong Luyang 001100/08 8 April 2008
24. POLICE REPORT on Malaysia Agreement and its breaches
6th June 2008 Karamunsing/008525/08
25. Police Report on Petroleum Development Act and Petroleum Nasional Bhd (Petronas), PM & National Petroleum Advisory Council 11th July 2008 Luyang/002072/08
26. Adun Nilwan Kabang & MyKadnya Luyang/002073/08

26 Police Reports of Joshua Y. C. Kong (2004-2008)
1. Police Report on EPIC (Extra People IC) 28 October 2004 KK/rpt/23408/04
I want the Police to investigate the various issues derived through research of the Official Census for four decades since independence as they are mainly dealt with in my two books- EPIC of Sabah (2002) and EPIC of Sabah - 2nd Edition (2004).
I had also given a half hour presentation at the 7th International Biennal Conference organised by the Borneo Research Council at the University Malaysia Sabah in July 2002 on the topic "EPIC of Sabah" (refer to the write up on page 6 of EPIC of Sabah- 2nd Edition).
I had sent Memos of these books to the Malaysian leaders and Governor of Sabah calling for the institution of Royal Commission of Inquiry to resolve the issue once and for all.
The issues raised in these two books are very crucial especially in the context of terrorism and the regularly revived claim on Sabah although his claim is questionable.
The main issues raised in these two books are as follows:-
1) My research from the official statistics indicate there are one million and more extra people with identity cards dubiously issued. (page 4 in EPIC of Sabah).
2) Other major issues in EPIC of Sabah for the period of 1995-2003 are as follows:-
2A) The excessive departure of Malaysians for the period of 778,098 with grave security implications. (refer page 24).
2B) Bruneians departures from Sabah far exceed arrivals of 191,810 (page 25).
2C) Indonesians overstaying of 628,180 (page 24).
2D) Filipino overstaying of 23,508 (page 24). The registered figures are not realistic.
3) The concerns over genuine and fake identity documents issued to illegals to become bumiputra overnight.
3A) There were several press reports of the I/C factory busted. (page45&86)
3B) There was another I/C factory busted in April 2004. (press copy attached)
Just want to know what happened to people arrested / wanted for those illegal operations. (NB: pages in items 2 and 3 above are from EPIC of Sabah - 2nd Edition)
4) Please investigate why the last 4 digits of the MyKad with range starting with 5000 can be up to 6000 and more, are so big with the very high daily births of average 100-200.
I would like to call on the Police to recommend to the Government for the Royal Commission of Inquiry on EPIC based on the terms and reference in Chapter 7 of EPIC of Sabah and reproduced in page 9 of the 2nd edition.
Joshua Kong Yun Chee of Kota KInabalu.
2. The RM5 billions water malaise in Sabah 28 Oct 04 KK/RPT/23409/04
Since I lodged a report to the ACA, Kota Kinabalu, and faxed to ACA KL, Prime Minister, Auditor General Kuala Lumpur, and Director Audit Sabah, on 15th March, 2004 and inserted small advertisments on the issues 18th and 19th March, 2004, I got some feed back from the public that they want to know more about this "The RM5 billion water malaise in Sabah".
Since my report requesting the authority to investigate into the irregularities of water authority as indicated by my research, I had updated such data with more research.
1) Inconsistent billings and collections (good consumers had been over charged by up to RM250 millions in 3 decades)
I did some research and analysis of the financial affairs of the State of 40 years in the process on completing my book "Sabah Wealth - image of woods power". When I did a summary of the water revenue since 1967, I realise that the collection of revenue from water was inconsistent year on year as per table below.
Incredible it may be that this phenomenon is reflected in the table below namely the revenue for the period 1986-1990 was very low as low as about RM440,000 in 1990 when there was a sudden surge in 1992 of RM35.122 million due to massive water cuts and inflated bills. In 1993, only RM27,000 and none in 1994 were collected. I have now seen that a statement showing a client paying almost RM200 in 1994. Then in 1995, water revenue began to pick up from a meagre RM353,000 collection in 1994 rising to RM27m in 1996 after the privatisation of water bills collections. The revenue for the respective State Governments were about RM27.4 m(67-75); RM35.3m (76-84); RM47.5m (85-93) RM324.3 m (94-02).
There had been hue and cry by many consumers when threatened with water cuts in the last two decades as reported in the press of unaccounted cash paid and irregular statements. I had observed such discrepancies in the bills of my rented house of statements not updated for years possibly not accounted for, but consumers were too weak to challenge the water cuts as how many would keep their receipts for a decade or so. So it would appear the good consumers had been paying excessive demands for water charges as accumulated in 1983 and 1992. The payment received for the period 1996-2002 would likely to have an element of excessive charges -partial privatised collections. Despite very good collections in recent years, threatened water cuts to start 8th March 2004 have been delayed partly due to the General Elections and my effort raising issues with Water Department.
I had seen this massive mismanagement since 1993 and the breakthorugh happens when I was asked to check out a Water disconnection arising from an outstanding amount of RM447, which confirms irregularities.
2) Water meters Scandal of more than RM50 million
What is the outcome of this allegation and the appropriate action?
3) Privatisation programme and debts outstanding of about RM600 millions
Despite the State Government had spent RM1.674 billions for 1993-2002 and unknown amount in 2003 for this programme, there remain a long outstanding debt of about RM600 m to the three concessionaires. These past deals must be scrutinised from all relevant aspects to clear doubts of possible corruption. Would the Government come transparent?
4) New proposed total privatisation programme with Ranhill (State had invested at least RM3 billion) Please examine if the deal is to benefit the State and the consumers without unnecessary hardship to the honest consumers as water would be very expensive soon.
5) Illegal water connections and water loss
Please also assess how much of these losses of revenue arising thereof from the lack of enforcement. It is also obvious that politics play a role in the collection of water revenue. Water an essential commodity is getting scarcer by the day due to many factors and I urge the Anti Corruption Agency and the Government to investigate the performance of the Water Authority. Joshua Y. C. Kong, K. Kinabalu, 19 March 2004
3. Police Report lodged at K'munsing Police Station, K. Kinabalu on 21st Dec 2004 UMNO Sabah and its landed properties (USH) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
Who can miss that big construction bill board facing the City Police Headquarters at Karamunsing, Kota Kinabalu?
Many questions have been raised and in the Internet there is a major article on this on-going project in the land next to the BSN building.
For reference, I have included the downloaded articles in Bahasa Malaysia and English from the Internet published in the website Malaysia Today (MT) as attached USH1-9. I have seen the pages of the printed book titled "Cabinet April Fool" (CAF) which I believe is not banned at this point in time after asking relevant authorities.
I would like the Police to deal with the following issues when many important issues are mentioned in MT and others :-
1) How is that a piece of strategic State land via the State's agency Sabah Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO) can end up in this development? How does the State benefit (lost opportunities and financial revenue) from such project when the construction project was started before the title was issued? Was the land offered for free and free of land premium for a commercial project? Were there any tenders for the land, project etc?
2) The project was started in mid 2003 after launched by the then Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir on 16th May, 2003 and the title was believed to have been issued much later possibly in 2004. The bill board erected in July/August 2003 showed the land application reference. (ref photo USH10 ). Who actually owns this piece of land?
3) The inconsistency of the Sabah Land & Survey Department in dealing with lands of Sabah and this one appears to be a glaring one amongst many others.
I leave it to the Police and the relevant authorities to deal with the many issues raised in the pages of MT and others articles with regards to corruption, abuse of power, nepotism, cronyism etc.
If MT, CAF and others are deemed to be improper, then it is up to the relevant authorities to act accordingly.
Joshua Kong Yun Chee Kota Kinabalu. P. O. Box 11923, 88821 Kota Kinabalu.
enclosures: USH1-9 -Internet article in BM and Englis
USH10 Photo and Borneo Post article 17 Dec 04
4. Police Report lodged at K'munsing Police Station, K. Kinabalu on 21st Dec 2004
UMNO Sabah and its membership (USKA) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
There have been many allegations of the swelling membership consisting substantial illegals and dubiously legalised outsiders in the United Malays National Organisation Sabah (UMNO Sabah) since the branch was established in Sabah in the early 1990s.
I would like to refer to the relevant details as laid out in the 526 pages book "IC Palsu -Merampas Hak Anak Sabah" (ICP) by Mutalib M. D. ISBN 983-9280-32-5 Cetakan Kedua April, 1999. Pages 230 and 231 as sample are attached for reference.
It appears it is known that some quarters had lodged Police Report about this book, but unknown of the outcome.
I would urged the Police and relevant authorities to take appropriate action for such affairs especially UMNO Sabah had participated in three General Elections in 1994, 1999, 2004.
If ICP and other publications are deemed to be improper, then it is up to the relevant authorities to act accordingly.
Joshua Kong Yun Chee. P. O. Box 11923, 88821 Kota Kinabalu
encl: USKA - appendix
5. Police Report lodged at K'munsing Police Station, K Kinabalu on 21 Dec 2004
Bank Negara & Ringgit Notes (BNRM) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
Bank Negara and Currency notes of varied sizes of same denomination
I had written this letter and published in the Daily Express titled "Why are Ringgit notes of different sizes?" Daily Express 24 November 2002
Has anyone actually checked those Ringgit notes we have?
Most of us would presume everything is all right. But, I just could not believe when I found that the notes were all of different sizes even though they were of the same value denomination.
I would imagine that currency notes of such official quality would adhere to standard sizes as legal tender.
But checking less than 50 pieces of notes I had, I observed that the sizes are different, up to half a centimetre (cm) in width or height.
What would be the first impressions if such notes are of various sizes with modern printing technologies of precision? There may be many reasons for such manifestations.
Would it be possible that "rejected" goods in the finished notes had come back into the circulation? Has any commercial bank noticed such anomalies?
Would the relevant authorities enlighten us?
Since 24th November 2002, there appears to be no official reply and so I would like the Police to conduct an investigation into such discrepancies which can be tens of billions worth of Ringgit in the market place in circulation.
Against a background of many reports of fake notes, but such notes appears to be legal tenders as these notes are cashed out from the banks. Why should such varied sizes by measurement are in circulation?
As it is a great financial concern, it would appear that the Bank Negara as the issuing bank of legal tender may be neglecting in its enforcement of only quality notes to be in circulation, not to give consumers raw deals hence affecting public confidence in the economy.
Has the Bank Negara investigated into such discrepancies in the sizes of respective denominations and come out with a report for such occurrences?
Joshua Kong Yun Chee, P. O. Box 11923, 88821 Kota Kinabalu
6. Police Report lodged at K'munsing Police Station, K Kinabalu on 21 Dec 2004
Non Revenue Water (NRW) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
Further to my report lodged with the Police on the water malaise of RM5 billions in Sabah on 28th October, 2004, I would like go into two areas of that report with more details so that the massive losses can be addressed accordingly.
Since my report to the Anti Corruption Agency on 15th March, 2004 and the Police Report on the water malaise, more official information have emerged from the Ministry in charge of Water through the press . I have also done more research and souls searching into the root causes of the water malaise in two areas namely irregular billings and water loss. Hence I have come out with another paper (NRW) as per attached.
I would like the Police to investigate into the following key areas namely:-
1) The Water Department must do specific research into the massive water losses to identify all the possible areas which have given rise to the massive losses in Non revenue water (NRW) at eighty percent 80% and come up with the financial figure with each likely category of loss. The fact that Sabah has been paying RM257 millions per year for treated water at a comparative higher rate is a factor for this greater value loss. In my paper (NRW) attached I have endeavoured to show the likely areas of the NRW.
2) Has the Government considered that the public water had been resold for a massive profit at the expense of the consumers and public funds when the provisions of the Statutes disallow that? Ref NRW
3) Has the Audit Department done any audit into the bills and statement of the subscribers and the operations of the water department? If this been done, how does that arise that there are tens of thousands of missing or non metered consumers as reported in the press in Sabah? However the schedule in page NRW does not indicate such levels of connections in recent years.
4) Would the Government investigate into the required level of water supplies when it is seen that the supply is deemed very excessive hence the greater loss over the past decade.? Was it a contractual commitment?
Has the Government commenced review of the water department under the new State Minister so as to determine if the level of operating expenditure of about RM80m per year is still desirable when the treated water is substanitally done by private companies for almost a decade?
Joshua Kong Yun Chee. P. O. Box 11923, 88821 Kota Kinabalu.
attachment: NRW1-4 Ordinance and enactment (prohibit resale of water).
NRW5- Actual revenue showing 0 for 1994.
NRW6, 7 - press cuttings
NRW8-10 -Paper on NRW
7. Police Report lodged at K'munsing Police Station, K Kinabalu on 21 Dec 2004
Petronas & Sabah (P&S) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004 **
Petronas and its performance and impact on the welfare of Sabah Why has this become an issue after 28 years since 1976?
It is really patriotism that we raise this issue now, as a natural development in a nation deemed to enjoy equal benefits from the resources of the nation. We are not asking for wealth from another part of Malaysia but within our own shores. The case of Terengganu yet to be resolved in the Courts is not applicable to Sabah for historical and geographical reasons.
While the current rate of the royalty at 5% has been openly queried by so many quarters in recent years asking for more increase of that percentage, I am more concerned about the whole operations and the management of the fuel oil around Sabah by Petronas which had been assigned outright by agreements to deal with the production of the fossil fuels. I believe the profit sharing of successful wells found in Sabah had been determined with outsiders for very long periods hence there is no provision for any mechanism of changes mid way.
In the absence of transparency and accountability when Sabah is not entitled to verify the performance of the Petronas and Sabah is not likely a shareholder of that company, it is now timely that the Government looks into the following areas.
1) Do we know why the recent brief reports up to 31st March 2003 and even up to same year ended 31st March 2004, Petronas had been lacking in financial performance since commenced operation for almost 28 years? How efficient and effective are the regulations of the Federal Government over the Petronas company? The Government seems to be satisfied despite poor performance for the massive funds.
2) What is the rationale of Petronas investing heavily in foreign exploration (deemed risky) activities in 35 countries when our own sectors are allocated to foreign companies? Petronas should present detailed accounts for such operations and the returns expected of such adventures over the years for public consumption as part of the good governance and accountability when the national interests and national resources are involved.
3) As far as the Sabah sector is concerned, can we know who actually own the resources found in the shores of Sabah. It would appear Petronas only owns a small percentage of the oil finds and bulk of the shareholding is held by outsiders. Who are the real shareholders of these substantial shareholding held by foreigners? Why is it that Petronas would not invest more in our own shores?
4) The Finance Minister II made a statement in the Parliament about Sabah getting more percentage of the oil royalty but it was withdrawn soon after. Would the Government review the whole operation of Petronas in the context of globalisation and the volatile prices cum strategic resources?
5) With so many massive new oil wells in Sabah, yet our oil will be exhausted in 18/19 years from now, and would the Government explain this scenario in greater details? Oil is sold in barrels but Sabah's data as available is expressed in tonne. The data of crude oil exports and value as per schedule P&S 1 and graph P&S 1 would indicate that only 11 out of 27 years the oil fetched the price level above the Sabah's average of RM441,000 per 1,000 tonne. It would appear that more oil were sold when the prices were low. The graphs show great volatility. Who make such business decisions- Petronas or the Concessionaires?
I have written a couple published letters on Petronas (ref pages P&S 2), and it is rightly that I raise relevant pressing issues to the appropriate authorities through this Police Report to deal with some major anomalies unfolding before us. I trust this effort would bring the grudges held by many over the way Petronas had been conducting itself to a level where the public can be positively informed. One of the questions so often asked is that despite our resources in timber and fossil fuel, Sabah is now so poor with hardcore poverty at about 16% and more. Every one in Sabah can be a millionaire, and yet many are surviving from hands to mouths with the level of costs of living here, and how can we really explain to the people of Malaysia? Despite our timber image gone, the cost of living has not gone down, instead the trend is still upwards. Joshua Kong Yun Chee, P. O. Box 11923, 88821 Kota Kinabalu.
8. Identity Cards -genuine and dubious in the hands of illegals under P1/P2 'Project Mahathir' Karamunsing Rpt/0227/06 21 June 06
It has been reported in the press (New Sabah Times and DE per app 1 and app 2 ) that there were schemes to give genuine identity cards to the illegal people who come to Sabah over a long period and one of the schemes is allegedly known as Project Mahathir.
It is also known that such hideous schemes were coded P1/P2 when P2 is referred to the Project Mahathir. P1 is referred to Chief Ministers of Sabah in 1970s and the early 1980s.
As a result of these projects IC, several hundreds of thousands of genuine identity cards were issued in a few decades to the illegal ultra vires the Federal Constitution. Millions of dubious citizens including children of these questionable people have caused the exploded population in Sabah and many of this group of people have also found their ways to Kuala Lumpur mostly through Labuan FT. Many of these dubious people are also members of Sabah UMNO.
Such facts on the exploded population are found in various sources namely IC Palsu by Mutalib M D., EPIC of Sabah (3 editions) by Joshua Y. C. Kong, Suhakam's press reports, several Parliament reports, Kamal Sadiq of University of California -Irvine in a paper titled "When States Prefer Non-Citizens over Citizens: Conflict over Illegal Immigration into Malaysia and many press reports and letters by Dr. Chong Eng Leong and others in the Forums in the newspapers.
Anwar Ibrahim as a member of Keadilan rather than an Advisor said " Legal Status, citizenship, some of them. What has been done from 1971 again, from the time of Tun Razak, Hussein Onn, that I don't think we are in a position to revoke but we have large numbers of illegal ....." (Interview with Daily Express 11th June 2006) Appendix 4 & 4A.
We would urge the Police and the relevant authorities to investigate this unfortunate affairs of Project Mahathir that has caused "ethnic cleansing" in Sabah, & much anxiety to the local population in a once peaceful and harmonious Sabah.
We would like the Police to investigate how was the P1/P2 financed and modus operandi thereof, and if so how much were likely to have been incurred for such massive numbers?
The undersigned as President, Women President and Acting Secretary General of Consumers Association of Sabah & Labuan FT are making this report based on the public announcements until today.
NB: The Bahasa Malaysia version is translated from the English text.
Datuk Patrick Sindu Hashima bte Hasbullah Joshua Kong Yun Chee
President , CASH Women President, CASH Acting SecGeneral, CASH

Also enclosed are some documents of the relevant sources of the facts -appendix 3 and 5-9.
App 3- news cuttings; App. 5 & 5A - EPIC of Sabah; App. 6-6D - IC Palsu; App. 7 - Dr. Chong;
App. 8- Kamal Sadiq dan App. 9 - Signature Campaign of Pacific with the terms and conditions.
9. The Police Report On the conduct of the 11th National General Elections and 10th Sabah State General Elections- 21 March 2004 by the Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR)/Election Commission (/EC) K'sing/Rpt/10281/06 26 Dec 06
I, Joshua Kong Yun Chee want to lodge a Report as follows:-
Democratic election processes must be seen to be conducted fairly and orderly with minimum disruptions and discrepancies, but many observations appear otherwise namely:-
1) Frequent allegations of the faulty electoral rolls can be a reality as dubious citizens and/or phantom voters prevail as in Project IC/ Project M and other Police reports. (refer A48, A49 (latest book/buku Project IC), A51- examples only).
2) The questioned conduct of the elections by all concerned EC included prior to nominations, during nominations, after nominations during campaign period and polling day including the votes counting and results.
3) The Gazette dated 12th April, 2004 available in print in July 2004 in Kota Kinabalu confirm the discrepancies generally in the issues of ballot paper for Parliament seat and the total of respective State seats under that particular Parliament seat. (Sabah's scenarios in A2 and a few sample of others in A4). Sabah scenario is also illustrated in 4 specific cases in Q1-4 while others are in another 4 specific case in Q5-8. Q1-8 are provided in details in A1 (lower portion) for cross references. Such rampant discrepancies create great suspicion on the conduct of the EC especially on polling day.
Attached with this report are samples of observations of discrepancies, errors as marked in diamond shaped note plus press cuttings of about 50 pages.
In any possible misconduct of elections, rigging and irregularities may prevail giving rise to injustice when Government is formed. (A46, A47, A49).
In view of many complaints and questionable incidences, as indicated in pages marked (A38-53), it is suggested that a Royal Commission of Inquiry be held to establish beyond doubt that 'electoral frauds' as perceived by some quarters had not taken place. In the meantime, it is an open question as to how the present EC can conduct any future elections with the full confidence of the consumers who are also likely be the voters and candidates.
Kong Yun Chee @Joshua, Chartered Accountant and Secretary General of Consumers Association of Sabah & Labuan FT.
10. Police Report on Land Issues in Sabah Karamunsing/002428/07 14 Feb 2007
There are a whole range of massive abuses and shortcomings in the management of our land and its resources by the Government and its main agency the Land and Survey Department as follows:-
1) Premium and annual rent charged are of various levels of rates ranging from a minimum of RM1 irrespective of areas as stipulated in the land titles. A brief analysis in appendix A forms the basis of such phenomenon and disparities, discrepancies and likely abuses. The State depends on such land revenue. There are over 300,000 land titles issued in Sabah. Without the likely options to amend or restructure the stipulated revenue terms UPWARD in those titles as issued, it is likely to be a shortfalls of revenues in premiums and annual rent to the tune of RM1 trillion for land tenures ranging from 99 to 999 years. Would such phenomenon be due to abuses, misapplied Land Laws and appropriate corrective actions long overdue as even the Federal Audit Department has likely failed to detect such abuses, discrepancies and disparities as illustrated in Appendix A (pages 5-7)? Such titles as reference only are attached in Section 3 (pages 21-37).
2) There are allegations that land titles have been issued to dubious people (project IC holders) unqualified to be entitled to such land offers of alienated land on applications when land are largely meant for the local and registered local companies so that the local people would not be landless. There are allegations of cases of non Sabahans equipped with dubious Anak Negeri Certificates who have acquired native titles only to be converted to Country leases for quick gains. Should the Land and Survey Department register such transfers? These allegations should be investigated accordingly. Such land deals and questionable land offers -null and void- should be returned to a trust fund to be managed properly for the poor and landless genuine citizens of Sabah.
3) There are also many other major allegations of land abuses as reported and unreported in the press. A list of that (not complete) in Appendix B (page 8) and some newspaper cuttings are attached here in section 2 (pages 11-20).
4) Purpose of alienated land and idle lands are areas of concern. State lands as alienated are for purposes of development and productive usage with specific conditions but in many cases such lands are either sold off for quick gains or have remained idle lands.
5) The root causes of such widespread abuses, weaknesses, shortcomings can be due to the neglect of the State Government in charge of the land matters where politicians have played questionable bias and entangled roles since 1963. The key personnel of the Land and Survey Department especially the Directors have largely contributed to the malaise. It is essential that the present and future Directors should be local and QUALIFIED enough to handle such responsible State position to restore public confidence.
It is very important that the proper Government and the Land and Survey Department as revamped and its related agencies address these issues now. It would appear that the present State and Federal Governments (legal or illegal) for past electoral mismanagement and obsessed with 'favouring' illegal people under Project IC, cannot absolve themselves from this land woes hence they would be unable to deal with this massive land malaise to redeem/avert the further grievous detriment of the State and the local people for decades. Meanwhile, it is for the Police to take whatever appropriate action but an independent public investigation with proper qualified appointees and capability is appropriate.
Kong Yun Chee @Joshua, and
Chartered Accountant and Deputy President of Consumers' Association of Sabah & Labuan FT. 14th February 2007 Kota Kinabalu.
Major allegations of land Issues Appendix B
1. Forest Reserved lands including Public parks and water catchment areas are occupied. We have seen different treatments where some such houses were burnt by the authorities concerned.
2. Green zones or Open spaces within the urban areas are developed into commercial projects.
3. Native Customary Land have been alleged to be alienated to outsiders.
4. Different treatments in the process of land applications namely:-
1) Queues jumping in land applications were observed and reported.
2) The procedure of sharing a common piece of unalienated land without title by more than one applicants have not been applied fairly.
3) There was a 'fight' over the piece of unalienated land but occupied by squatters in Kolombong, Kota Kinabalu where a school was supposed to be sited.
4) There have been cases of application for unalienated land being ignored and given to others.
Generally, there is a lack of transparency.
5. Duplicated titles had been reported in the press.
6. Delay of strata titles (a range of unresolved issues) have given rise to many land related properties development and ownership.
7. Many usage of alienated land has violated the stipulated purposes.
8. The questions of adequate compensation and the real purposes for land acquired by the Government.
9. Land without registered titles (owners not confirmed) have been allowed to be developed for the private projects. This is deemed to be illegal 'squatting'.
10. State land designated to the Government agencies had sort of been disposed off in haphazard manners resulting in corruption, abuses, and possible criminal breach of trust and the State likely sustained great losses financially.
11. How efficient is the Land and Survey Department?
NB: The above list is not exhaustive.
Commentaries on Appendix A Appendix A1
1. Introduction
Going through some of the available titles, the rates for the premiums and rent charges vary tremendously for various areas in Sabah. That may have some basis, but in all professions standards are set to guide the practitioners to be objective for the common good of all.
So I have zoomed into a very small area in the vicinity of Karamunsing Kota Kinabalu of 7 pieces of titles including one offer and of less 11 acres.
Apart from the rates of levy for the land revenue, there appear to be discrepancies in the way land matters are handled by the Land and Survey Department.
2. Discrepancy and disparity
Areas of discrepancies and disparity include the following:-
2.1 The range of the premiums is very wide.
2.2 The system of annual rent charges are varied.
2.3 The issue of final titles have inconsistent periods.
2.4 Amendment on titles have been observed even after a long process prior to final title.
3. Detailed Observations
3.1 Case I is a piece of land with a long history dating back to the early 1980s. The major State Agency was supposed to have it developed into a twin tower office and commercial block with the turnkey contract awarded to a company which later was wound up for insolvency. So how did this piece of prime land costing the state dearly get into the hand of some private company in early 1990s? Then in 2003, the proposed project now almost completed was launched by the then Prime Minister. The whole deal can be lopsided in several aspects and in the absence of transparency and public accountability, it is the State and the general public to suffer substantial losses apart from likely criminal breach of trust as committed. On 16th January, 2007 a search at the land office indicated that a title has yet to be issued (page 9). So who actually own this piece of land once State land and how much is due to the State?
3.2 Case 5 is a piece of land with very low premium comparatively with the other Titles in the area and waived of almost all annual rent. Although it may be for a foreign Government, it is still questionable for such special privilege rendered. As far as land is concerned, it has set a bad precedent of 'favouristism'. There is a restrictive disposal clause added on later in the Title deed. Why was this restrictive clause not applied earlier when the low premium was made? As it would appear that the offer and its terms were likely made at the beginning, why was the waiver of annual rent only made subsequently by amendment? Is our land policies so flexible? Would such privilege be offered to other foreign countries? Is such privilege reciprocated to Malaysia? It may give a strange message of such treatment to foreigners when the local companies including State agencies pay much more. Who have ordered such special treatment as signified by the amendment on the Title deed?
3.3 Case 6 is a small piece of land in the same area as left as idle without a registered title although it has been allocated a title number. What are particulars of this piece of land?
3.4 Cases 2, 3, 4 and 7 in the same zone provide a basis of comparison as to how land revenue had been levied from prime and scarce land in Kota Kinabalu.
3.5 Case 4 with premium of RM653,000 and in the same area as in Case 5 with RM200,000 (opposite each other) around the same time. Case 4 also has to pay a single stage of annual rent of RM19,600 for 99 years when it is RM100 for case 5 as reduced from 2 stages of annual rents of more than RM20,000. Case 5 maybe a special case but can be abused.
3.6 Case 3's premium works out to be RM1.3m for each acre when the stipulated total premium is RM2,350,000. This is by the major road.
3.7 Case 2's premium is about RM650,000 per acre with a single stage in annual rent for 99 years.
Commentaries on Appendix A Appendix A2
3.8 Case 5 has two stages of annual rent while Case 7 (at the offer stage) has a premium of RM3 million for 2 acres with three stages of annual rent as stipulated. In Case 7, the premium works out at RM1.5 million per acre when the access road to the land is non existent.
3.9 Case 8 (at the offer stage) is a piece of land less than a mile from Karamunsing and the premium works out at about RM560,000 per acre but with three stages of annual rent. Case 8 is referred to the 'UMNO' land (see pages 17-19).
3.10 Cases 2 and 3 by the major road side are charged at RM650,000 and RM1,260,000 for the premium per acre respectively, then there would appear to be short charged when Case 7 without access road hence costly development, is levied a premium of RM1.5 million each acre. All these rates appear at about the same time.
3.11 Cases 9 and 10 are for other areas in Sabah, but the systems applied appear to have been different.
4. Conclusion
We need explanation for such phenomenon. How much are such observations as 'tip of the iceberg' be repeated all over Sabah? Land as an essential item for the well being of the people of Sabah and proper development of the scarce land needs to be reviewed only after a proper investigation to determine the level of losses and opportunities lost due to such lopsided management. Can it be a Trillion Ringgit question when losses as accrued and carried forward in this century and beyond be accounted for?
Sabah has gone through many unfortunate adverse developments for various known factors since 1963. What is left - the last frontier- LAND - as God's gift, can hardly be mismanaged any further over such precious endowment.
Whether the management be done by the Federal and State bodies, we have also seen similar malaise in Sabah.
What is important now is that we address this malaise with the appropriate response and corrective measures immediately.
11. Security & Sovereignty of Sabah K'sing/ 003948/07 16 March 2007
We demand the Government of the day to address the pressing fundamental issues namely the Claim on Sabah (regularly revived) and the Indonesian Confrontation (economic and other mutated ugly incidents including that of Sipadan and Ligitan) so often neglected by successive Governments for 44 years. The Police and the security forces have vested interests in the two major issues arising from Sabah's closest neighbours.
We have been living in Sabah through a great deal of fear, danger, disharmony and personal safety when our human rights have been violated so easily from within and without. The two issues have unfortunately given birth to 'ethnic cleansing' in collaboration with the Project IC resulting in 'apartheid phenomenon' as distorted by dubious citizens especially unqualified bumiputra.
The root causes can be attributed to recent history when Malaysia came into existence in 1963 and we have diverted much of our resources to deal with imported problems (gangsterism and lawless culture). We still encounter sufferings for our local genuine people as the Government has not dealt with the underlying root causes.
While Malaysia can assume that the Claim on Sabah by the Philippines and Confrontation by Indonesia are irrelevant, what we go through in Sabah vis-a-vis Malaysia can be identified to those two ugly historic events.
While we may be independent as far as sovereignty is concerned determined in 1963, we have made ourselves dependent on our neighbours at our own security peril and such peril can mean that we may lose our sovereignty if we do not deal with them objectively and mutually in an era of global cooperation in the region.
While grievances prevail as far as workers and migrants (legal and illegal) are concerned, we need to have an orderly conduct of our rights in our homeland in the proper perspectives otherwise the already prevailing 'illegalities" aplenty in all areas would lead to anarchy, the least we would like that to happen in Sabah.
We are all aware of the challenges and the inherent problems in Sabah over these two major issues but nothing much is done to resolve them except that we are losing our rights over the years to our neighbours when the intention of the Malaysia Agreement for the people in Sabah in 1963 is much downgraded for 44 years pretentiously via the State Assembly and the dubious Ballot box repeatedly.
We append with this report a few pages of the frightening developments arising from the two issues in appendix A and 18 items identified for probe (page ) supported by pages .
This report would be submitted to the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia, the Parliament, the State Legislative Assembly and the Federal Government.
Datuk Patrick Sindu President , CASH Kong Yun Chee @Joshua, Deputy President, CASH Hashima bte Hasbullah Secretary-General CASH

Claim on Sabah Appendix A-1A
A1 While the Philippines' effort has been in the generation of many versions of opinions in the dubious claim, their effort would not pass the legal hurdle in many aspects based on documentary evidence. The modus operandi of repeating the dubious claim on Sabah would make themselves and some others to believe that there is basis for such a claim to the detriment of all concerned including themselves across the Sulu Sea.
A2 All those strings of falsehood have created so much sufferings for the Filipinos, the Bangsamoro and Sabahans for 44 years that it is an endless sad pursuit hoping that there is a gold at the end of the rainbow.
A3 The claim is dubious for the following reasons namely locus standi of the claimants be they the Filipino Government or the pretenders to the Sulu Sultanate, the question of Sovereignty of the portion of North Borneo as claimed, the title to the claimed land or any cession document, the value of amount of currency in 5,000 unit annually, the definition of 'padjak' and two pieces of documents (page ), and multiply claims due to changes within plus the lapse of entitlement of claim from 1878.
A4 Just to guide ourselves to the reality of the claim, weird circumstances surrounding this issue have been with us since 1963 that brought so much sorrows and tribulations in our midst and the long lists of them is represented by a sample as follows:-
A5 There were many sudden changes to the leaders in the region who had been involved with the birth of the new nation? Diosdado Macapagal (1961-65) lost his Presidency in the Philippines within a few years. The Sultan of Brunei also abdicated in favour of his teenage prince in 1965. Sukarno lost his power in 1965 and with that the Confrontation ceased. The founder of Malaysia also was forced out of power in 1970 after the race riots in the young nation. Singapore also was forced out in 1965 for a sort of power struggle. Do we learn anything from the omen of such sudden changes affecting Sabah? Is that not good enough to send a vivid message of the futility of disturbing the destiny of the people of Sabah?
A6 Other major devastating developments and events are presented here for further investigation:-
A6.1) Tensions flared again in the early 1970s when the largest Muslim separatist group in the Philippines, the Moro National Liberation Front, began to receive material support from the Sabah chief minister, Tun Mustapha. Only after his electoral defeat in 1976 did Malaysian aid to the Philippine rebels cease and bilateral relations begin to improve. (Sabah dispute - (page 39 ). PROBE 1 - page 39.
A6.2) The Jabida Massacre in 1968 was reported and exposed mainly due to the effort of Benigno Aquino. The Massacre was intended to get rid of evidence of the scheme to attack Sabah but the proposed mission failed to move beyond the shore of the Southern Philippines. Could this unwanted exposure be the reason that Benigno Aquino (page ) met his assassination on Aug. 21, 1983 at the tarmac on return after a self imposed exile? PROBE 2 - p 13, 14
A6.3) Tens of thousands of Moro well trained soldiers in Sabah and elsewhere appeared to have sort of disappeared for whatever reasons and this is obvious very costly lessons for the 'claimants' by using intended force. PROBE 3 - P19, 21
A6.4) In the case of Michael Meiring, an American, there were failed schemes arranged in the Philippines to invade Sabah in the period 1990/1991 by mercenaries after incurring millions US$ of slush funds. Michael was self inflicted by a bomb in his hotel room. I believe that some Sabahans were also involved with those aborted attempts to invade Sabah. (US faking terror in Philippines by Craig Hanley). (pages ) PROBE 4- P17, 18
A6.5) There were always very unhealthy rumours of the much feared Moro Army believed to be in and outside Sabah ready to be in action to enforce the Claim but till today such harmful rumours had arisen from deception. Nevertheless, there have been frightening reports of some people in Sabah linked to the international terror group of Al Qaeda and Abu Sayyap following the arrest of Hambali in August 2003. All these terrorising activities have been sort of 'justified' by the dubious claim on Sabah. PROBE 5, P21
A6.6) With such fierce propaganda in the Philippines over the Sabah claim, now it is quite obvious that the internal armed conflict could be engineered by the power so that some groups find the excuse to come to Sabah as refugees as exacerbated by the Jabidah Massacre on youthful Tausags and Samas who 'mutinised'. (pages 13, 14). The arrival of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants including refugees from the Philippines since 1968 have brought much nightmares for Sabah. The Project IC is part of this nightmare as the illegal arrivals could become dubious citizens with devastating impacts on the local people. PROBE 6, P30
A6.7) The kidnap of 21 persons in the Sipadan island including foreign tourists was sort of linked to the dormant Claim on 23rd April 2000. There were lots of damaging impact on both sides of the Sulu Sea. In the process of rescue operations conducted in Jolo island, many hundreds of thousand of people were displaced by the military in hot pursuit of the Abu Sayyap kidnappers and victims over a few months. The authorities should investigate the FACTS presented in some of the pages in Malaysia Today's article (pages 22-38 ) PROBE 6 - P30
A7. Many pages of the writings by Filipinos provide the impression that Sabah is worth a lot of money to them hence that was the impetus for them to pursue the dubious claim for so long. Their hot pursuits so far have already cost them and Sabah tremendous amount of unaccounted losses. So I hope by writing this letter, we should come to grip with the costs likely to accrued to the Filipinos while cooperation with Sabah to resolve this claim can actually minimise the losses on both sides.
A8. As a matter of fact, it is the dubious claim but the Filipinos generally is reluctant to give up with the overpowering propaganda at home that whenever the illegal people are arrested and likely deported, they would likely claim that Sabah belongs to them.
A9. It is ironic that pursuing the dormant claim every now and then may be induced by the dreams of gains when many have already reaped nightmares of losses including human lives (guilty and innocent) piling up on both sides of Sulu sea and beyond in more than four decades. It is indeed an irony that acting on dubious sentiments many have also lost sense of direction so much so that they do not know what they have got themselves entangled with.
A10. It may have started with the dubious claim and then many were involved with sort of internal conflict resulting in refugees and illegals going into Sabah and entangled with the dubious citizenship via the Project IC causing much rampage in Sabah.
A11. It is therefore timely that we take cognisance of the fact that claim on Sabah is dubious by some pretenders to the throne of Sultanate of Sulu in disarray and the Philippines Government. Such claims are regularly made by them while remaining in Sabah. Malaysians in Sabah have to tolerate them with the related criminal abuses and injustice at its worst. In a world, where nations are separated by national boundaries, we have to recognise such order. Can such claimants claim Sabah and be justified in their arguments when their people are already all over Sabah and Labuan and into other parts of Malaysia causing much rampage in such process? Even if the claimants think they have a historic right over a piece of land, they are actually 'trepassing' in land beyond the deemed boundary in 1878. They have indicated that the claimants want to kick Malaysians out of Sabah into Sarawak. While the dubious claim goes on, their proxies should not be in Sabah. Instead such alien people have disregarded the laws and orders of Malaysia especially in Sabah.
A12. Although we have a very long coastline, the Filipino Government should be faulted as a party to the commission of crimes against humanity in Sabah as it does not ever enforce any immigration control at all over its own people to stray into Sabah at ease and involved in many piracies and kidnappings in Sabah soil.
A13. So there is no better time than now that the Filipinos stop their imagined claim on Sabah to avoid any further losses on their side when I had already lodged an official complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague in October 2006. There are still much agitation on the side of Manila to revive the claim currently. Like the case of Sipadan and Ligitan, any action with ICJ would fail because Philippines cannot clear those stumbling hurdles in history. The case before
the ICC can cost the Philippines and her agents at least an expected sum of RM40 billions. The only win win situation in the region is for the claim to be buried forever. Unfortunately the Malaysian Government has not made special effort to punch into the deception so far perpetuated by the claimants except avoiding ICJ. We cannot ignore the storms brewing although there had been many intermittent lulls. We need to have a fresh good look hence a bulky book of a thousand pages is needed.
NB: Quote "The nations involved were puzzled by the 1962 Philippine claim to Sabah (formerly North Borneo). They regarded this move as inconsistent with past Philippine policies and present Phillipine interest. The claim represented a policy of no costs and only possible benefits." (Lela Garner Noble)
Joshua Kong says "the costs had been abundant on both sides of Sulu Sea and benefits to Filipinos are elusive.
B. CONFRONTATION OF INDONESIA (based on the article in page 40 and )
Quote: "A number of lawyers in Malaysia, he said, stated that the amount of crimes committed by migrant workers was only five percent." (1)"One percent was by workers from Indonesia," said Wahyu. (2). "The number could be larger because many Indonesian workers are unregistered. "(3)
B1 How accurate are the figure given in (1) and (2)? Given the rate of crimes in Malaysia as per pages which had been very high in recent decades, and all those crimes mentioned in the Courts and mass media while many go unreported, how can we be sure that crimes committed by migrant workers is only five percent? This would mean the local and the dubious people of Project IC of 1-2 millions in Sabah in particular and Malaysia in general have committed 95% of the reported crimes. That is worrying indeed as crimes are getting out of hand for the Police to handle as they are many 'invisible' people. Many crimes including grievous ones are not solved. PROBE 11, PROBE 12 -P40
B2 The scenario is made worst when many Indonesian workers are unregistered which should not be. This gives the impression that such people had been given too much freedom and abuses from them especially in Sabah. The losses to genuine local Sabahans due to all sorts of crimes are not countable. PROBE 13 & 14 -P40
B3 It is very interesting that an NGO dares to bring the case to the UN with bias allegations and it is likely that Malaysia may face more of such actions from the neighbours dictating terms after Indonesia secured the opportunity to send up to 1,000 teachers to teach their Indon children in Sabah. Who would be financing the massive costs of educating these children?
B4 "Without Indonesian workers, Malaysia's economy wouldn't be as developed as it is now," said Wahyu. If a proper assessment is done, we would expose the downsides of such lopsided developments on the medium and long terms than the benefits to Sabah generally. The price of social peace in 1963 is priceless and now we are in irreparable disarray generally. Together with Filipino people, the number of Indonesians becoming dubious citizens via Project IC have created a scenario of 'ethnic cleansing' in Sabah cum distorted apartheid pheonomenon.
B5 If UN HRC is so willing to attend to the complaint of Migrant Care against Malaysia, then another agency of UN in International Criminal Court (ICC) should also promptly act on Joshua Kong's complaint against Indonesia filed in October 2006.
B6 If 35% of the prisoners are foreigners as a national figure, then in Sabah it is likely to about double that figure when the dubious people of Project IC is considered PROBE 17 -P43. As foreigners are 'invisible' being many without document and moving in and out of the State at ease, the undetected criminals from this sector as unknown is quite high. Even the article admit that many Indonesian workers are unregistered, but Migrant Care does not give any suggestion as to how to rectify that terrible scenario which can only mean that they could commit crimes without being detected.
Many just disappeared back into Indonesia to lie low and then return to Sabah via the porous common border. So Indonesia via any NGO including Migrant Care should allow Malaysia to deal the worsening breaches in immigration - legal and illegal with a new set of laws and see how the situation can be improved for the common interest. Instead, Migrant Care as representing the Indonesia Government and its workers overseas chose to confront Malaysia like they did in 1963.
B7 It is possible to predict that the bad blood created by the Indonesian NGO in taking this confrontational stance to the UN may just go further into turmoil within and without Indonesia should Malaysia decides to implement the proposed new law. It could mean a revived violent confrontation to show that they mean business despite getting the concession of their teachers of up to 1,000 to come to Sabah teach their own children in Sabah as the expense of the host country. Has Malaysia succumbed to their 'threatening' demand for the children to be educated in Sabah as such?
B8 It is quite a bad publicity stunt for Migrant Care to paint a better picture of the foreigners (legal and illegal) when Indonesians are known to be immigration violaters. (see page 41) PROBE 15 - P41 . This can actually create a scenario back home and in Sabah of a false perception of Malaysian Government against the foreigners especially the Indon workers in Malaysia especially in Sabah. It would make Malaysian authorities quite difficult to implement its law and order especially in Sabah.
B9 It is very common that entry abuses are rampant for such foreigner to enter Sabah with RM10 dollars and become bumiputra entitled to all the privileges attached to this special group of people at the detriment of the genuine local people. PROBE 16 -P42.
B10. General Concern for the article of its accuracies. PROBE 18 - P43
NB: In the information and knowledge age, it is important that we verify such adverse data to prepare ourselves to face the challenges in the context of security and sovereignty.
List of recommended items for investigation and PROBE. (other items can also be included) The inseparable Claim on Sabah and related activities need to be addressed accordingly and prompting the items of probe as expected as follows:-
Probe 1 Tun Mustapha assisted Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) page 39
Q. How did this affect the interests and independence of Sabah and why he did it as alleged? Probe 2 The Corregidor Affairs (Jubida Massacre) as it affects Sabah p13, 14
Q. Was this event that gave rise to the refugees coming to Sabah in large numbers?
Probe 3 The Moro soldiers in Sabah p19, 21
Q. What did the Government do about this if it is true?
Probe 4 Planned invasion of Sabah aborted and those involved? p17, 18
Q. The rumours of local groups involved should be verified and who actually financed that?
Probe 5 The revived claim by Arroyo p21
Q. Was this serious or just for political expediency? How was this revived?
Probe 6 The people involved with the Abu Sayyap and the gangster p30
Q. These people as named still active in politics and holding senior positions. Why?
Probe 7 The former PM Tun Dr Mahathir on Project M p30
Q. This fact needs to be confirmed immediately to resolve the crisis.
Probe 8 Whose money was Yong Teck Lee using p32
Q. Why the denial in the local press of not paying the kidnappers?
Probe 9 The origin of Harris Salleh and Musa Aman unqualified to be CM p35
Q. The truth must be established beyond doubt to remove the 'trojans'.
Probe 10 Commander Robot or Ghalib Andang in Sabah p37
Q. Many of such kind of people still in Sabah should be identified.
Probe 11 Crimes by migrant workers was only 5 percent p40
Q. Sabah's scenario is definitely much higher and deserve the right attention.
Probe 12 Crimes of one percent by Indonesians workers p40
Q. This can harm Sabah further as to avoid any backlash when tough actions initiated.
Probe 13 Why 2.2 migrant workers and 1.2 -1.7 millions are Indonesians p40
Q. The unreliable figures are damaging the nation with Sabah at the worst level.
Probe 14 Why unregistered Indonesian workers p40
Q. This itself exposes the failure of the Indonesian Government.
Probe 15 Why those over 628,000 overstayers from Indonesia? p41
Q. This scenario is most unhealthy as an indication of the era of Confrontation unresolved.
Probe 16 Why RM10 can enter Sabah? p42
Q. This has done permanent damage to Sabah, with 1-2 millions of dubious citizens.
Probe 17 while 35% for the nation, what is the % for Sabah? p43
Q. How reliable is our statistical data of the Courts if any is maintained?
Probe 18 How true are the facts in "Indon NGO concerned ...." p43
Q. Misleading facts of this article and the other one in page 40 can be injustice for all.
NB: The Special Branch of the Police and the State Security Council must have documentary details of all these issues in time of needs to defend the sovereignty and security of the State and the nation.These probe items would help Sabah to safeguard her interests for the local people.
12. POLICE REPORT ON a person once known as SOH See Yee@ Gary Su/Soo - a gangster. Luyang/002101/07 15 June 07
SOH See Yee@ Gary Su/Soo (once known as) about 43 years old and about 5"9'. I wonder if he still carries any identification document by that name. This person had stayed in one house in Taman Jelitana during the period 1992-1993. He has driven many cars including a Volkswagon, Toyota Corolla SA6623F; Proton Saga SA7701M; and a Rover, a few of them could be owned by him or his associates.
I have posted much on this menace in the Internet as in the following URL for more than a year. &
A copy of a write up for alert and attention is enclosed (app. A of 12 pages) titled SSY in conjunction with the signature campaign against Project IC in 2006.
While it is appreciated that Police had taken concerted effort in investigation leading to arresting 1,300 gangsters in Sarawak, I want similar effort be carried out in Sabah as gangsters including SSY are likely linked. Kong Yun Chee @ Joshua, K. Kinabalu.
13. POLICE REPORT on Datuk Dr. Hj Patawari bin Hj Patawe Nric 571227125051/H6008708 K'sing/008725/07 15 June, 2007
1. It is in the public interest that this issue be brought up to resolve the big scenario in Sabah which is coined as "Tsunami of Illegals and Illegalities" (TII) in Malaysia.
2. The Government must decide the status of Dr. Patawari who is a holder of an identity card with the code 71. Is he truly a Malaysian citizen not coded 12 for Sabah under Article 47 of the Federal Constitution? The patriotic Malaysians and law abiding in Sabah treasure much about our rights as citizens.
3. Notwithstanding how Dr. Patawari obtained his identity card, he is deemed a 'symbol' of the larger picture of the Extra People IC or EPIC of Sabah and/or Project IC or Project Mahathir. We have in Sabah EPIC of 1-2 millions as per my paper (A13-A15).
4. Like all Identity cards obtained by sworned statement without birth certificate, there is always the question of the actual birth date of such holders. In the interest of natural justice, it is important that the right age is recorded for all purposes. Looking at his appearance, is Dr. Patawari really only about 50 years old? So it is essential that an age analysis be done on him.
5. It is a mockery of our tradition that a non Malaysian be allowed to abuse the system to hold various important positions for many years as an elected State representative, State Assistant Minister, Director of a public listed company, Chairman of two Government linked companies with one of them of authorised capital of RM1 billion. Elections (Conduct of Elections) Regulations, 1981 - Article 4 stipulates citizen only as a candidate.
6. The companies statutory records at the Commission of Companies Malaysia as per attached as analysed in a list - app 1, there would appear to be confusion in the records switching from the IC code of 71 to 12 with misleading and fraudulent intention in a public listed company.
7. There are likely quite a few like Dr Patawari also holding key and senior positions in the Government and the Public service bypassing any requirement to hold work permits, and it is now the role of the Government, the various departments such as National Registration Dept, Immigration Dept, the Police, Anti Corruption Agency, Election Commission, Public Service Commission, Bursa Malaysia, United Malay National Organisation to deal with such violations to restore the sanctity of the sovereignty and security of Sabah within Malaysia.
8. Many Police and ACA reports had been lodged against the dubious citizens of 1-2 millions supported by painstaking documentary efforts. As such citizenship abuses resulting in TII have caused much financial and opportunity losses, and like many departments have adopted a reward system for informations, it is timely that those who have taken the effort to alert the Government be rewarded by say 10% of such losses identified and likely recoverable. Kong Yun Chee @ Joshua, K. Kinabalu.
POLICE REPORT ON Datuk Dr. Hj Patawari bin Hj Patawe Nric App
Schedule of misleading confusions of 0Dr Patawari and comments by Joshua Kong
Sch Ref Nature of Information Remarks
A1 Brief Biodata of Dr Patawari
A1A Voter's data of 571227125051 Matrin B Payang - holder
A2 Form 48A showing Dr Patwari with I/c 571227-71-5051 marked for Suria Capital Holdings Bhd.
A4 Form 49 showing Dr Patawari with i/c 571227-12-5051 and old i/c H6008708 Code 12 instead of code 71. This form show be the same as Form 48A H6008708 was without (B) why?
A6 Corporate Info - Damai Specialist Centre Sdn. Bhd.191118-K showing incomplete address and incorrect I.C for Dr. Patawari marked This is the CCM's summary of the company's record requested on 12 June 2007.
A7 Form 48A of DSC S/B of 25th April, 1990 showing the old IC as H6008708 (B) Is B = Blue? Was not it a RED IC?
A8 Form 49 of DCS S/B of 2 May 2006 showing IC H6008708 (B) /571227-71-5051 marked
A10 Corporate Info - WHSB Property Development Sdn. Bhd. 382716-K showing incomplete address. requested - 12 June 2007
A11 Corporate Info - Warisan Harta Sabah S/B showing incomplete address requested - 12 June 2007
A12 Borang 5A, Akuan Berkanun indicate that only citizen qualified to stand in any election (Perkara 47, Perlembagaan Persekutuan) and Art 4 (1) of the ELECTIONS (Conduct of Elections) Regulations 1981. Submit at the nomination centre. Elections Commission to provide records of nomination form and Borang 5A.

General comments:-
1) Was there an intention to mislead the Bursa Malaysia in the submission of the Form 49 and other relevant documents when Dr. Patawari was appointed a director of the Public listed company Suria Capital Holdings Bhd. 96895-W on 12 October 2004? Kod 71 would not be suitable. (ref: A2 and A4)
2) Was the error in Damai Specialist Centre deliberate to mislead? (Ref: A6 & A8).
3) H6008708 (B) would likely be RED, and why B was used here? (Ref A4, A6 & A8).
4) All company documents should contain name according to IC but there are variations in various forms indicating likely 'manipulations'.
5) What was the IC number used in the nomination form and Borang 5A used in the contests of all elections by Dr Patawari? Was such IC number kod 71 or 12? Election Commission to confirm please. If Dr Patawari had used kod 71, why was he not disqualified?
6) Dr. Patawari is also an UMNO member and standing as a BN's candidate, what is his IC number in his UMNO membership record?
14. POLICE REPORT on EPIC OF SABAH K'sing/010000/07 07/07/2007
I want the Police to investigate the following important and critical issues after much hard work:-
2. Further to Police Reports KK/RPT/23408/04 & 27530/04 & Karamunsing Rpt/0227/06, this is in support of the earlier reports with relevant information as requested by the Police on the illegal people including many refugees getting genuine identity cards via dubious means like project IC as per list below based on the documents EPIC 1-21. The list of names mentioned in these documents are at the bottom of this page with references.
3. Non Sabahans had been given special identity cards numbers allocated for VIPs and VVIPs with prefix H as per appendix A. The prominent ones are Syed Kechik (code 02) & RA Lind (code 71). Have these outsiders done justice for Sabah by holding key positions for long time? Were their blue Sabah ICs (H) revoked?
4. Who are the principal office holders of Persatuan Kebajikan Bugis0 Sabah PKBS (Sabah Bugis Welfare Association? The president also Director of Land & Survey Datuk Osman Jamal is likely code 71. His real age needs to be determined. PKBS is likely a set up to issue genuine identity cards to Bugis illegal members. <11> Muin b. Caburo (H0565799) is alleged a project IC holder amongst many. <15>.
5. Osman Jamal, Dr. Patawari Patawe, Salsidu0 Ibrahim & Sukarti Wakiman are likely considered EPIC are holding key positions in Sabah. Please confirm. There are many in similar situations. The Public Service Commission should provide the details.
6. In view of such important matters now exposed, it is very vital for the set up of the Royal Commission of Inquiry (long overdue) to resolve the crisis immediately.
Investigate the following persons on the reports enclosed
Name Ref Name Ref
1 Zulkifli Imban 3/B 12 Maming Staming 6A/0; 10/0;
2 Datu Akjan Datu Ali Mohammad 4/C 13 Patawari Patawe 6A/P; 21/P
3 Hj Jabar Khan Napi@ Y Arafat 5/D 14 Hj Omar 8/Q
4 Musa Aman Khan 5/E 15 Samsul Alang Hamsah 8/R
5 Datuk Harris Salleh 6/G; 12/G 16 Osman Jamal 10/S;12/S; 13/S; 17/S; 21/S
6 Paimin Paimin 6/H 17 Andy Bandy Pilu 11/Y;13/Y
7 Dawani@ Norsalmah 6A/I 18 Haji Abu Ali Ganturon 12/U
8 Yusof Inton 6A/J 19 Yahya Hussin 12/V
9 Ali Andu 6A/K 20 Kahar Mohd Zain 12/W
10 Mandusta Taudin 6A/L 21 Rahmawati Idris 12/X
11 Hj Salsidu Ibrahim 6A/M; 7/M; 9/M/10/M 22 Mohd Hassan Ambo Tuo 16/AA;17/AA; 19/AA; 20/AA
24 Suharti Wakiman 21/AC 23 Mangati b Ambo Tuo 20/AB

NB: 3 is the page number of the document while the alphabet is the name concerned.
Appendix A
Some of the top 224 VIPs and VVIPs Malaysian/ SABAH Identity Cards of 12, 71, 06 etc (These early identity cards numbers were allocated to VIPs and VVIPs)
No. VIP No My Card No Name Remarks
1 H0000005 300812/71/5146 Hafsah bte Ahmad code 71
2 H0000029 400331/71/5178 Mrs M J Beatrice Ryan code 71
3 H0000030 340803/05/5269 Md Sufian b. Salleh code 05
4 H0000031 430718/06/5242 Sofiah Moo@ Moo N Y code 06
5 H0000032 280820/02/5027 Syed Kechik @Syed Bakar code 02
6 H0000049 501115/71/5141 Ajaz Ahmad b Nabijan code 71
7 H0000057 650624/03/5397 Megat Shah. Merican code 03
8 H0000099 220814/71/5123 R. A. Lind code 71
9 H0000100 340616/71/5313 Arul Albert Ryan code 71
10 H0000102 360818/71/5010 Ng Came Mui code 71
11 H0000158 720628/10/5293 Megat Suffian Merican code 10
12 H0000160 540705/01/5833 Nordin b Kahar code 01
13 H0000165 681221/71/5429 Adnan b Ahmad code 71
14 H0000166 661105/71/5132 Asma bte Ahmad code 71
15 H0000170 660701/06/5493 Nallendran a/l Satturukanasingi code 06
16 H0000171 701223/06/5197 Previndran Sathurgasinghe code 06
17 H0000182 600509/03/5791 Md Zulkifli b Zakaria code 03
18 H0000186 341207/71/5261 Md Hussain b Mahboob code 71
19 H0000187 480715/02/5128 Maryam bte Md Taib code 02
20 H0000188 631231/05/5592 Kuan Kah Chwii code 05
21 H0000201 570213/71/5363 Marcel Annol code 71
22 H0000202 541106/71/5349 Leon Annol code 71
23 H0000207 730828/02/5916 Brinda a/p Muthusamy code 02
24 H0000224 740912/14/6103 Md Azizi b Matiasin code 14

( I hope to get more soon or the authorities concerned can give us a complete list).
If these people as VVIPs and VIPs are influencing most public policies of the Government of Sabah since the early years of independence and there are strictly non Sabahans based on code 12, then most blame of running down Sabah should be pointed to them. These people can be considered as "Trojan Horse".
If it is not important that the Government be run by genuine locals based on code 12, we are over run by questionable outsiders especially those of code 71 are aplenty in Sabah. If code 12 is not important, why are many with code 71 trying to apply for code 12?
If code 71 people can hold important key positions in Sabah since 1963, then genuine local code 12 become irrelevant. I think people of code 71 also need to apply for work permits, and have they done that? If not, why not?
EPIC of Sabah also include those unqualified foreigners given genuine identity cards under Project IC /Project Mahathir of 1 - 2 millions in Sabah as per Police Report lodged by CASH on 21st June 2006 K'munsing Rpt/0227/06 and K'munsing/008725/07 of 15 June 2007.
In a nut shell, it is 'Tsunami of Illegals & Illegalities' in Sabah and Malaysia.
Joshua Kong, Author of EPIC of Sabah in 3 editions.
NB: 3 is the page number of the document while the alphabet is the name concerned. Kong Yun Chee @ Joshua K. Kinabalu.
15. Police report on Sabah wealth as near gone by Joshua Kong K'sing/010000/07 07/07/2007
I want Police to do proper investigation on the following critical issues in Sabah.
2. With little timber left once the wealth of Sabah Foundation and related State companies or GLCs since established from USNO Government and oil fossil also depleting, we cannot leave everything to the successive Governments to be sure that our wealth is maintained. Actually Sabah wealth is near gone after 4 decades of mismanagement and little good investments left for the future.
3. It is noted that some investigations were conducted on Sabah Foundation under Datuk Syed Kechik, then under Tan Sri Ben Stephens, then under Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan but since 1994 no investigations or critical reviews were carried out although the article marked SW1-6 indicates some allegations of major irregularities. Go online for more pages. Such serious allegations must be cleared.
4. Warisan Harta Sabah Sdn Bhd also manages much of the State's resources and performance is lacking since 1995 based partially on an article SW7-10. Warisan Harta0 Sabah Sdn. Bhd. is very much involved with several major projects and one of that is its relationship and dealing direct or otherwise in the Saham Amanah Sabah which had incurred a loss of about RM400 m pages SW13-16 due to suspected manipulations of the market. Since 1997, a White Paper has not been produced.
5. It is also known that Police and ACA reports had been lodged against the present Chief Minister on corruption and abuses of power (SW17-18) when his office is based on a misconducted General Elections as per my Police and ACA report K'munsing/Rpt/10281/06 lodged on 26th December 2006. The property where the Sabah UMNO headquarters is also a subject of concern as far as the status of public donations and the land formerly owned by Sedco/Sudc pending a land title.
6. In view of the critical scenario of dwindling wealth of mainly timber & fossil oil, I have written a book "Sabah Wealth - the image of woods power" as attached and recent reported losses as threatening, hence proper investigation by a Commission of Inquiry is desirable to arrest the decline of resources, wealth, investments, economic opportunities for this and future gnerations especially many non genuine locals are managing these assets under an illegal Government. Kong Yun Chee@Joshua
16. Police report on the Elections Commission by Joshua Kong K'sing/011997/07 10/08/2007
I want the Police to investigate further on the following crucial matters:-
1) The faulty Electoral Rolls of Sabah
Despite regular exhibited rolls for public viewings, the rolls are faulty for many reasons and some of that as follows and illustrated in App A and pages as referred:-
1A) The inclusion of substantial illegal people given genuine ICs (EPIC) under various illegal methods namely Project IC/ Project Mahathir since 1963 under various political parties namely USNO, Berjaya, UMNO under Task Force Chairman Musa Aman (AP 31-34) and other minor parties. Notes 1, 2 & 4 of App. A.
1B) Malaysians living abroad through migration/given up citizenships/simply dead/dual citizenships. Has the Electoral Rolls updated for this. Note 3 of App A and AP24.
1C) Many in the Rolls do not have their earlier H7-digits IC listed and these can be the EPIC hence not entitled to be in Roll. Note 7 of App A.
1D) Those special identity cards given to the Police and Armed Force could be registered with their own personal civil IC numbers. So 'R' & 'T" are unnecessary provision. AP7 & AP8 and the notes there.
1E) The inconsistencies of code H for Sabah also allocated to non Sabahans. Note 5 of App A.
1F) Very old people included in the Electoral Rolls to be verified for existence. Note 8 of App A.
2) As long as there are faulty Electoral Rolls with names of people possible non existent, the issue of phantom voters would be exploited by substituted dubious documents on polling day when there are a few hundred thousands IMM 13 holders, documentless and illegal people in Sabah. AP21, AP22, AP25, AP26, AP27.
3) As long as the Rolls are loaded with fake citizens or EPIC, there cannot be proper conduct of legitimate General Elections as the basis of a proper and legal State and Federal Government.
4) Not a recent phenomenon of electoral misconduct, but now it is exposed over the General Elections 2004 via my Police Report - K'sing/rpt/10281/06 - on 26th December, 2006, we cannot allow any misconduct of General Elections to be perpetrated.
5) The Electoral Rolls must be corrected and electoral processes for the supposedly independent Election Commission (EC) be rectified. As EC cannot conduct its own investigation, we need an Independent Inquiry to clear the EC of frauds and rigging when the turnout has been generally low in recent General Elections.
Kong Yun Chee@Joshua K. Kinabalu.
Laporan Polis atas Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (rujukan K'sing/rpt/10281/06 of 26Dec06) 10th August 2007
Faulty Rolls can be attributable to the following observations:- {App A: notes 1- 8}
Note 1:- EPIC of Sabah
The number of such people including children can be 1- 2 millions. Refer to pages App 28-30 & 31-34. For those over 21 years, the number of them in the Rolls can be substantial. EC still want to register more voters.
Note 2:- IC issued to illegals
Blocks of numbers had been identified to be issued to illegals as per pages AP 11-13 & AP17-20 and the Rolls are loaded with such names as per example in page AP1.
Note 3 - Migration & given up citizenships
Many had migrated and could have given up citizenships as per news report page AP22. The number of this category from Sabah can be much higher since 1970s and the recent arrivals and departures statistics indicated about 800,000 Malaysians had left Sabah for the period 1995-2003. AP23. The Electoral Rolls have not been updated for such cases.
Note 4 - Late registrations for ICs
Many born in the thirties, forties and fifties namely prior to 1963 had their identity cards in the new system of H7 digits very late hence doubt of their origin or birth place is justified. (refer pages AP1, AP11. AP12, AP13 & AP24).
Note 5 - Code H for Sabah
There have been inconsistencies as to how some identity cards of people coded H for Sabah but born outside Sabah especially those from other states had been processed as some examples below:-
No Old IC MyKad No Old IC MyKad
1 H0000499 710124-13-5713 12 H0000449 690630-71-5408
2 H0000494 560921-13-5221 13 H0000441 330705-08-5254
3 H0000482 340114-08-5295 14 H0000440 290521-10-5149
4 H0000472 470323-01-5757 15 H0000423 531204-01-5611
5 H0000456 710206-13-5653 16 H0000420 700420-71-5131
6 H0000405 541122-11-5220 17 H0000389 630903-01-5665
7 H0000388 530829-08-5762 18 H0000361 450527-08-5417
8 H0000344 620530-02-5991 19 H0000343 571008-02-6299
9 H0000338 701102-08-6223 20 H0000319 721124-14-5798
10 H0000303 381022-07-5006 21 H0000290 701030-10-6642
11 H0000247 620331-10-6692

Note 6 -The proportion of qualified voters based on the Census.
In 2000 after the General Elections of 1999, 96,677 voters were deleted and yet the GE was deemed valid (page AP23).
Note 7 - Rolls of names without H7 digits
Such names are referred by their 12 digits of MyKad only hence they obtained their MyKad at very late age, indicating they are likely illegal people as per examples in pages
Note 8 - Very old people to be verified
Some are very old people, and I wonder whether they are still in the State?
IC Age 2007 2,001 2,007 Remark
160703-05-5079 90 N13 Likas N14 Likas
090501-74-5185 97 N13 Likas N14 Likas
980627-12-0097 109 N13 Likas N12 Karambunai
001002-71-5179 107 N13 Likas N14 Likas

17. POLICE REPORT on Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd. (SESB 462872-W) K'sing/015944/07 19/10/07
The Police is hereby informed that there is a discovery of a fraud in accounting term "teeming and lading" with the payment in cash by consumer manipulated by the SESB accounting system using 'split items' to appear as arrears in the monthly bills. Cash collections would be stolen. In this instance it is the consumers expected to pay up the fictitious amount of arrears when consumers may not check their bills properly or even lost their bills but threatened with disconnection of power supply. Many old bills also fade.
In the pages marked appendix 1 (modus operandi) and supporting documents SE 1 - 14 the fraud as illustrated by this case could have occurred over two decades and more amounting to anything up to a billion Ringgit as we do hear of many consumers facing outstanding bills not paid. Many busy consumers would just pay off to avoid disconnection.
In this instance SESB was alerted of this fraud as per bill 2.07 marked SE9, when the said consumer paid by cash, but what happened after an internal investigation appears to be a cover up SE7-8 and in this particular case the bill was restored to normal in October 2007 via the statement after several reversing adjustments as per statements n SE2-5. In any double entries system, some other accounts would be similarly manipulated to absorb the reversing adjustments.
On 30th August, 2007 there was a press report of SESB having an outstanding amount of billing debt of RM142 million (SE 14). The question is how much of this figure is fictitious when SESB regularly disconnect supplies for non payment of such debt.
It would appear that the frauds have largely remained undetected despite routine internal and external audit while a specific complaint in this case through the effort of Joshua Kong in May 2007 has confirmed the fraud in the system. The Police may likely ignore this one like in Joshua Kong previous 16 reports since 2004 including deleting reports from the Police Archive. So I call on the proper authority to initiate a full investigation in all public utilities especially SESB to regain public confidence over similar frauds against consumers. SESB has to close down.
Kong Yun Chee@Joshua - Chartered Accountant & Deputy President of CASH
Modus Operandi of the commitment of this fraud of teeming and lading App 1
The signs are seen in the following areas:-
1) The various SESB statements as per SE2 for 2006 and SE3 for 2007 (extracted May 07); SE4 for 2007 (extracted Aug 07) and SE5 for 2007 (extracted Oct 07) indicate changes for the year 2007. Statements should not be amended for periods already closed to avoid confusions as which are the applicable ones. In statement SE5, the figure of RM541.40 mark @ while in the amended bil 7/07 (SE 6), the figure is RM641.40 giving the impression that the bill and the statement are not linked. So the statements of all SESB accounts are likely amended throughout the year and accountability can be questioned from an accounting point of view.
2) The bills in the outstanding arrears are simply amended at per 3/07 (SE10) & 7/07 (SE6) when requests for update from the inquiry section of SESB. The notes A-G in SE1 are relevant issues for consideration.
3) The inconsistent explanation of the letters in SE7&8 are not matched up with the procedures as shown in the statements and the bills. The adjustments of RM55 as repeated appear earlier in March 2007 in the statement SE4 but this socalled amended figure only appear in the bill of August 8/07 (SE12), then the deposit went back to RM1,100 in 9/07 (SE13) and again the cash deposit was RM1,155. The customer did not pay any additional amount for the deposit in the said period and this is an unjustified internal adjustment or manipulation. The customer was complaining about the fictitious arrears. There was also a letter dated 3 July 2007 from SESB asking for additional cash deposit of RM100 to cover up for the excess of the outstanding amount over RM1,100. But the customer already complained of the fictitious arrears in the bills. So letters in SE7&8 are likely intentions to mislead and customer have asked the GM to confirm the status of the letters.
4) The statements of 2006 and earlier years are straight forward. The statement for 2007 started in strayed/manipulated manner after the customer paid its bill in cash (once) in March 2007 (SE9).
5) When Joshua Kong approached the General Manager - Distribution - Mr. BXXXX SXXX at his office at the 8th Floor of the SESB's Headquarters on 7th May 2007 about 12 noon, a women senior staff just barged into the room without any courtesy to have a shocked look on the document we were discussing. That body language speaks of guilty conscience. Kong Yun Chee@Joshua
18. Police Report on Daily Express & Mr Kassim Sangi (criminal injustice) Luyang/003634/07 19th Oct 07
I want the Police to investigate a claim by the Chief Reporter of Daily Express Mr Kassim Sangi in an email to me dated 17th September 2007 (news1). and I quote "someone even told me that you wife claimed to be british spy, is it true?". As the claim "british spy" is serious allegation of not patriotic living in Malaysia spying for a foreign country, tantamount to character assassination as a spy entails and has criminal implication on myself and my wife, the Police should find out who is that "someone" for making such a false allegation to harm our public standing?
Can this "someone" be Kassim Sangi himself or someone in Daily Express as any anonymous person to hit at us with a serious disparaging 'rumour' which could be circulating in public and in a related scenario Daily Express in its Sunday forum had done criminal injustice against me -after most of my recent letters and press releases do not appear (possibly ban) - as follows:-
"It started with a letter on "Sabah's Ex-CMs and their memoirs" by Anti-politician with a disparaging remark on Joshua Kong as an author (marked yellow). (DE 19/8/07 - news2). Then I wrote back and Daily Express published it "Doing his share for a better Sabah" after editing but with a mistake of 9% (marked green) which should be 95% (DE 26 Aug 07 - news3). I wrote back to the Editor in Chief for correction twice but no correction was done by DE. Then after two silent weeks, Daily Express published another letter "Like re-reading the newspapers" by AP (DE 9/9/07) where AP made another disparaging remark on the 9%. (marked green) (news3- lower). I wrote back to Daily Express by fax and emails for the correction and apology for the uncalled for disparaging and belittling remarks. No reply and nothing appears to that effect in Daily Express since then. Are "Anti-politician" and "AP" the same person?"
These two damaging incidences (someone/british spy & Anti-politician/AP) are likely linked with an agenda of vindictive people using pseudonyms as abused freedom of expression initiated/sanctioned by Daily Express with distorted and false information when self censorship is bias. Such distasteful practice can show up in the Malaysia's worst ranking in Press freedom ever - dropping by 32 spots to 124 - in the latest worldwide press freedom index released by Paris-based watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF). Kong Yun Chee@Joshua - Chartered Accountant & Deputy President of CASH K. Kinabalu. NB : for the attention of ACA - there is an element of corruption in this incident.
19. Police Report on the detailed foreign banks' accounts Luyang/004218/07 10th December 2007
Although this is an old issue, I am asking the Police to investigate if it is true that so much money of up to a RM1 billion has been alleged to have been deposited in foreign bank accounts as listed in the attached detailed schedule marked UKAD1-4. Pages UKAD1-4 was given by hand to Anti Corruption Agency, Sabah Branch on 29th October 2007.
The Police must investigate the given details of the deposits and the depositees (holders of accounts) to assure the Public that the money was not ill gotten gains.
This information was reported in the TV3's Berita Utama sometimes in 1999 and I received a copy of the detailed bank accounts via an email. It is important that the fact must be established beyond doubt about the existence of such allegation of such massive money actually deposited in bank accounts of a nation Israel banned by Malaysia.
Was this case investigated earlier? If so what is the outcome?
The seriousness of this case must not be overlooked as it has grave consequences like national security for much dubious money deposited in the banned nation as Israel and a Royal Commission of Inquiry is desirable.
Joshua Kong - Chartered Accountant & Deputy President of CASH.
20. Police Report on UK arms deal with Malaysia Luyang/004222/07) 10th Dec 2007
Although this is an old issue, I would urge the Police investigate this UK arms deal worth £1 billion as there is an element of alleged corruption and likely an abuse of power as reported in The Observer of 7 May, 1989 (page UK6). This arms deal was also carried in ALIRAN monthly in 1989 as per attached pages UK1-5. I have referred this case to the Anti Corruption Agency in October 2007.
In the Observer's news report of 7 May, 1989, Sunday Page 10 -OPEN FILE- by Adam Raphael titled "Thatcher used aid to sell arms" it was reported as follows:-
Adam Raphael wrote "The Malaysian deal according to informed sources in London and Kuala Lumpur, involves an upfront payment of 300 million Malaysian Dollars about £60 Million to Prime Minister Mahathir's political party, UMNO Baru, as well as large payments totalling Another 200 million Malaysian Dollars (£40 million) to agents and ruling families."
Was this case investigated earlier? If so what is the outcome?
It is important that the Police investigate into the various aspects of the deal with regards to the upfront payment of £100 Millions to all the alleged parties namely UMNO Baru, the agents and the ruling families as public fund was involved. Who are the real recipients? Was the arms deal completed or abandoned or aborted and the reasons thereof? If the deal was aborted, was the upfront money refunded? If there was a refund, please investigate how was that done? Where would the money come from?
In view of these kinds of arm deals are still going on, it is necessary to proceed to institute a Royal Commission of Inquiry to set the correct and strict guidelines to avoid the prevailing rumours of allegation of corruption when such deals are made overseas to improve our rating in the International Transparency Index.
Joshua Kong - Chartered Accountant & Deputy President of CASH
21. POLICE REPORTS of Joshua Kong(CASH)2004-2007Luyang/004222/07 10/12/2007
I am lodging this Police Report to remind the Police DiRaja Malaysia of my Police Reports for the period 2004-2007 and would like to know the results of your investigations on the 18 Police Reports with supporting documents of up to almost a thousand pages of A4 paper as per appendix A.
I am also enclosing with this report a set of those Police Reports marked PR21-1 to PR21-68 for your appropriate attention.
I have done much sacrifice in this matter and wish that the Police and other relevant authorities would bring justice to Sabah and the nation accordingly for the common good. Joshua Kong - Chartered Accountant & Deputy President of CASH K. Kinabalu.
22. Passport (one year) & Mykad to 'Pakistani' are questioned Luyang 001099/08 -8 April 2008
I urge the Police to investigate the Malaysian Passport No. H12173314 that was issued to a 'Pakistani' Mohamed Bin Amzala Khan KP 680630125871/H0331400 (Project IC as per document marked D) for the one year period from 7th May 002 to 7th May 2003 as per lampiran A that is printed in page 184 of the book "007 Lelaki Malaysia Terakhir - Pendedahan Paling Berani Skandal X-files" by Mutalib MD ISBN 0983-2263-20-4 marked B.
I had previously lodged Police Reports regarding Project IC, and the Police Officers used to ask for individual evidence and this is one Mykad that must be verified as per my reports KK/rpt/23408/04; KK/rpt/27530/04; Rpt/0227/06; K'sing/ 003948/07; K'sing/010000/07. I had faxed the letter to several relevant authorities on 2nd April, 2008 as marked C. Royal Commission of Inquiry is a must. Kong Yun Chee@Joshua K. Kinabalu.
23. Police Report- General Elections 2008 by Joshua Kong Luyang 001100/08 8 April 2008
The Police is urged to investigate the following matters in this page and appendix1 supported by 71 pages:-
1. Discrepancies - Ballot papers (A1 of Appendix 1)
A system should be in place on polling day to ensue that the final results would be true not distorted by discrepancies for proper Governments (Federal & State) to be established.
1A. Ballot papers issued (A2 of Appendix 1)
The ballot papers issued for the Parliament and respective state seats based on the General Election Results published in the Elections Commission Malaysia's website as per pages A1- A38 show discrepancies as indicated in the column 4 ranging from 1 to 1,947 (26 cases of 0 out of 172 [222] Parliament seats where comparisons were made). Analysis in 6 Parliament seats are shown in A-C & A-D. Another indicator of discrepancies is in the averages of ballot papers issued over the number of voters in each Parliamentary and state constituency.
1B. Ballot papers not returned (A3 of Appendix 1)
The seats with big discrepancies occur in the ballot papers not return- page A-E - should be fully investigated.
1C. Voters number discrepancies in A4 of Appendix 1.
2. Lots of Election Offence nationwide when the caretaker Government took advantage of public facilities. As an example there was a case in Peninsula Malaysia where a charity foundation's event was likely used for the campaign without accounting for that in the campaign expenditure (B7).(C of Appendix 1)
3. Sabah case
3.1 I raised three issues in a press release on (1) the caretaker Chief Minister of Sabah using the official residence for the launch of the Barisan National's manifesto where all the candidates and their agents were there - a major Election Offence (2) Police to protect incumbent candidates. (3) Identity of candidates, proposers and seconders with birth certificates to ensue only genuine local /citizens are qualified to be in the Legislative Assembly. (B17) as extended to EC and others listed in B18. (B of Appendix 1)
3.2 The Yayasan Sabah or Sabah Foundation appears to have participated in the election campaign illegally for the Barisan Nasional when the management of the Sabah Development Corridor is under the new body known as Sabah Economic Development Industrial Authority. (B8). The caretaker Chief Minister spoke politics in all these events pleading for support for BN. (C of Appendix 1)
3.3 Other election issues and offence were raised from the dissolution of the Parliament until polling day as per various news ranging from votes bribes, intimidation, phantom voters, sensitive issues, sudden changes in polling processes as per lists in item D in appendix 1.
3.4 The appointment and swear in of the Chief Minister on Sunday 9 March 2008 appears to be flawed without a letter of appointment from Kuala Lumpur when the caretaker Prime Minister cum UMNO President was not sworn in. (E of Appendix 1)
4. The circumstances of the dissolution of the Parliament on 13th February 2008 and the appointment of the Prime Minister on Sunday 9th March 2008 in Terengganu need to be investigated for legitimacy. (F of App1)
Strong Demand.
5. I hope the Police would investigate these discrepancies, abuses and electoral offences and those electoral Police Reports lodged by others, for the purpose of a Royal Commission of Inquiry over the GE 2008 be held so that the distorted results would be reversed to bring justice to the nation after GE 2004 had been similarly rigged. Meanwhile all records of Election Commissions nationwide for GE 2008 must be kept until RCI is completed.
Items listed below means GE 2008 had been rigged officially and unofficially:- APPENDIX 1
A. The discrepancies are as follows:-
A1 Ballot papers issued for -Parliament and same State seats within- marked A-A to A-D.
A2. Ballot papers NOT RETURNED (examples only) marked A-E.
A3. All Parliament seats listed under column 4 in A1-A38. [refer examples A-A to A-D].
A4. Numbers in Voters Rolls - P5 (A3/A4); P21 (A6/A7); P44 & P46 (A12/A13) and P101 (A22/A24) with discrepancies of 8,216, 2, 507, 83, 60 respectively. -EO4.
B. Seri Gaya - official residence of Chief Minister was used for campaign after dissolution. on 26th February 2008 (B1-B4) and 22nd February 2008 (B5-B6) -EO5.
C. Yayasan /Foundation abused for election campaign:-
Yayasan Budi Penyayang (B7)-EO6./ Yayasan Sabah-Pitas B8,Sandakan B9,Tawau B10,Keningau B11-B13.
D. Items of Election Offence marked EO including abuses, corruption, sensitive issues, violations, identity cards, threats, intimidation, ballot boxes, counting, indelible ink and phantom voters.
EO7- Identity card (B14, B17 and B26); EO8 - Racial and religious issues (B15, B16, B27)
EO9-Phantom voters & Rolls (B18, B19); EO10-Counting & ballot box (B18, B23, B25). EO11 - Abuses (B17) EO12-Police Report (B20, B25); EO13-Pasok's problem(B21 & B22); EO14-Corruptions&Bribes(B24, B25,B27, B28); EO15-Intimidation (B25, B26); EO16 -Polls Writs (B20, B24); EO17-Indelible ink (B28) EO 18 - Printer's name (B4).
E. General Elections 2008 was the basis of the new Sabah state Government and the tradition of the Barisan Nasional and UMNO was that the Chief Minister from BN should be approved by a letter from the BN's national Chairman and Prime Minister of Malaysia. Before the Prime Minister of Malaysia was sworn in, the Chief Minister of Sabah was already sworn in hurriedly on Sunday also a public holiday before The Yang di-Pertua Negeri and the High Court Judge. It is a constitutional crisis for Sabah when the holder of the Chief Ministership is also subject to many allegations of corruption charges. UMNO should be expelled from Sabah.
F. DYMM YDP Agong was reported to be on the way to official oversea trip to Abu Dhabi on 13th February, 2008. We did not see any courtesy call by the Prime Minister at the Istana Negara except a suddenly arranged media conference when the day before, the PM denied a dissolution on 13th February, 2008. The PM was sworn in on the 10th March in the Istana Negara before the YDP Agong but after visiting the Agong in Terrenganu on Sunday possibly given an official letter of appointment. Where is the Royal Seal of the YDP Agong kept? The legitimacy needs to be established beyond doubt.
G. Most of these items of Election Offence are published in the newspapers - not to mention many more in the Television channels - and no action was taken by the Elections Commission Malaysia.
I intend to file another Writ of Summons on General Elections 2008 with the Kota Kinabalu High Court while my Writ of Summons on General Election 2004 on the rigged General Election filed on 25th February 2008 is yet to be processed for defendants despatch. Kong Yun Chee@Joshua K. Kinabalu.
1 & 2 Police Report in English and Bahasa Malaysia plus appendix 1
A-A General Elections 2008 - Discrepancies of Ballot papers Issued (Parliament & State seats)
A-B General Elections 2008 - Listing of Discrepancies of Ballot papers Issued (Parliament & State seats)
A-C GENERAL ELECTIONS OF MALAYSIA IN MARCH 2008 - an analysis by seat (highest item) Perak, Selangor & Negeri Sembilan
A-D GENERAL ELECTIONS OF MALAYSIA IN MARCH 2008 - an analysis by seat (highest item) Melaka, Johor
A-E General Elections 2008-Discrepancies of Ballot papers not returned including postal ballot
A1&2 Perlis --Parlimen & State seats
A3-5 Kedah --Parlimen & State seats
A6-8 Kelantan --Parlimen & State seats
A9-11 Terengganu--Parlimen & State seats
A12-14 Pulau Pinang --Parlimen & State seats
A15-18 Perak --Parlimen & State seats
A19-21 Pahang--Parlimen & State seats
A22-25 Selangor --Parlimen & State seats
A26-28 Negeri Sembilan --Parlimen & State seats
A29-30 Melaka --Parlimen & State seats
A31-34 Johor --Parlimen & State seats
A35-38 Sabah --Parlimen & State seats
DOCUMENTS in support
B1-B6 Seri Gaya - EO5
B7-B13 Foundations - EO6
B14-B28 Wide range of Election Offence EO7-EO17
Strong Demand.
5. I hope the Police would investigate these discrepancies, abuses and electoral offences and those electoral Police Reports lodged by others, for the purpose of a Royal Commission of Inquiry over the GE 2008 be held so that the distorted results would be reversed to bring justice to the nation after GE 2004 had been similarly rigged. Meanwhile all records of Election Commissions nationwide for GE 2008 must be kept until RCI is completed.
I intend to file another Writ of Summons on General Elections 2008 with the Kota Kinabalu High Court while my Writ of Summons on General Election 2004 on the rigged General Election filed on 25th February 2008 is yet to be processed for defendants despatch. Kong Yun Chee@Joshua
NB: Although the Gazette of the Results should be done on 21 days after polling days, the actual printed Gazette would be ready much later as it was in July 2004 when the Gazette was available in Kota KInabalu for General Election 2004 dated 21 April, 2004.
24. POLICE REPORT on Malaysia Agreement and its breaches
6th June 2008 Karamunsing/008525/08
According to the Malaysia Agreement and the Sabah Constitution, there is a requirement that any naturalised person cannot be the Chief Minister of Sabah -Chapter 2 clause 6(4) as per documents MA4 of MA1-4. The word 'naturalised' means a person not born in Sabah, and it is important that the birth certificates plus DNA analysis of all Chief Ministers - past and present - be available for public view. The Official website of the Sabah Chief Minister stated "Y.A.B. Datuk Musa Haji Aman, the present Chief Minister of Sabah, hails from Beaufort. He was born on 30th March 1951." (marked MA5-6) 'Hails' means come is not the same as born.
Sabah as an independent nation for 16 days in 1963, the Malaysia Agreement appears to have been breached with lots of losses as per pages marked MA11-12 .
On the issue of Borneonisation as an example amongst others, it is important that only genuine Sabahans be involved and in this regards unqualified people already named (samples only) in several Police Reports had held key positions including Chief Ministers, Ministers, Assistant Ministers (ref Karamunsing/008725/07 of 15 June 2007, Karamunsing/010000/07 of 7th July 2007) pages marked MA7-10.
It is essential that we address the issue of our rights as Sabahans being abused by outsiders - Malaysians, dubious citizens and foreigners alike with the misplaced blame on Sabahans of our degraded plight on our homeland.
As this rotten scenario had been perpetrated since independence and formation of Malaysia in 1963, a Royal Commission of Inquiry is desirable for the restitution of the rights of Sabahans and Sabah. The Police is urged to investigate the issues in this report.
Kong Yun Chee@Joshua
24. Laporan Polis atas Perjanjian Malaysia dan pengabaian 6hb Jun 2008
Mengikut Perjanjian Malaysia dan Perlembagaan Sabah, adalah sebuah peraturan bahawa orang "naturalised" tidak layak jadi Ketua Menteri Sabah - Bab 2 Ayat 6 (4) - di muka surat MA4 bagi MA1-4. Perkataan 'naturalised' bererti 'bukan lahir di Sabah' adalah mustahak sijil lahir dan analisis DNA bagi semua Ketua Menteri - lama dan sekarang- dikemukakan untuk orang umum. Laman web rasmi bagi Ketua Menteri Sabah menyatakan "YAB Datuk Musa Haji Aman, 'hails' from Beaufort. Dia lahir pada 30hb Mac 1951" (MA5-6) Perkataan 'Hails' bererti dari bukan lahir.
Sabah jadi sebuah negara yang merdeka untuk enam belas hari dalam tahun 1963, Perjanian Malaysia nampaknya sudah diabaikan seperti tulisan yang hasilkan banyak kerugian di muka surat MA11-12.
Berkenaan isu misalnya Borneonisation diantara lain, mustahaklah hanya warga Sabah yang tulin boleh terlibat dan padahal ini orang-orang yang tidak layak yang dinamakan (contoh saja) dibeberapa Laporan Polis pegang jawatan yang tinggi termasuk Ketua Menteri, Menteri dan Penolong Menteri. (rujukan Karamunsing/008725/07 bth 15 June 2007, Karamunsing/010000/07 bth 7 Julai 2007) di MA7-10.
Pentingnya kita mesti tandatangan isu ini atas hak-hak manusia sebagai warga Sabah tulin yang dipecah oleh orang luar termasuk Warga Malaysia, Warga Malaysia yang tidak sah, dan warga asing sampai warga Sabah dicelakan (blame) atas kesalahan dan sebagainya iaitu keadaan keburukan di tanah watan sendiri.
Kerana keadaan buruk and salah telah di laku sejak kemerdekaan dan pembentukan Malaysia pada 1963, sebuah Suruhanjaya diRaja Siasatan perlu pentingnya supaya dapat pengembalikan hak-hak warga Sabah dan Sabah. Pihak Polis diRaja digesa siasat perkara- perkara laporan ini.
Kong Yun Chee@Joshua 480823125003, 26 Lrg 5, Tmn Iramanis, Kolombong, 88450 K. Kinabalu.
NB: The English version is the proper report for clarity.
attached: document pages MA1-12.
25. Police Report on Petroleum Development Act and Petroleum Nasional Bhd (Petronas), PM & National Petroleum Advisory Council 11th July 2008
In the public interest and concern, I urge the Police, the relevant authority and the Royal Commission of Inquiry conduct a detailed investigation on the performance, accountability and transparency of Petronas, the control and directions of the Prime Ministers since 1974 as well as the responsibility of the NP Advisory Council as far as the likely violations of the Petroleum Development Act 1974 [Act 144] as per attached in PDA 1-5.
According to the PDA 1974 Act 144, Petronas under section 2 was given the exclusive rights over petroleum in Malaysia, but what have been practised is that other corporations apart from Petronas had been 'allocated' substantial portions of such resources as seen in various Production Sharing Contracts, Joint Venture Agreements and other commercial undertaking as per items in schedules PDA9-14 as attached.
Is it legal that other oil corporations have been likely 'assigned' such rights over the petroleum discoveries in Malaysia? Under what power, authority, provisions of Act 144 or any other statutes that the exclusive rights of Petronas be shared by others and who had made such an order? Sharing of such exclusive rights if true to the supplies of petroleum at predetermined prices (PDA13 item 11) subject to sight of such agreements can resulted in tremendous losses to the nation and Sabah in particular especially when the market price of crude oil is very high in recent years. Malaysia's portion for Sabah's petroleum ranks the lowest as per schedule PDA9-11 & PDA14 and marked *SB*.
Is there a National Petroleum Advisory Council according to clause 5 of Act 144?
To assist preliminary investigation, I also append a sample of likely questions in appendix A for attention on the performance and violations and this is my second Police Report on Petronas & Sabah (P&S) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 2004.
Laporan Polis atas Akta Pembangunan Petroleum dan Petronas, Perdana Menteri, Jawatankuasa Nasional Penasihat Petroleum 11hb Julai 2008
Untuk kepentingan dan khuatir umum, saya gesa pihak Polis, pihak kuasa yang relevan dan Suruhanjaya Siasat diRaja menjalan siasatan yang lengkap atas Petronas mengenai pretasinya, bertanggungjawabnya dan transparensinya, kawalan dan arahan-arahan oleh Perdana Menteri daripada 1974 serta tugas yang bertanggungjawabnya oleh Jawatankuasa Nasional Penasihat Petroleum berkait dengan kemungkinan kesalahan-kesalahan atas Akta Pembangunan Petroleum 1974 atau Akta 144 yang disertkan PDA1-5.
Mengikut Akta 144, Petronas dibawah seksi 2 telah diberi hak eksklusif atas petroleum di Malaysia tetapi nampaknya apa yang dibuat ialah syarikat-syarikat yang lain dibagi beberapa bahagian besar daripada sumber alam minyak yang dinyatakan di beberapa Production Sharing Contracts, Joint Venture Agreements dan lain perjanjian kommersial seperti di beberapa butiran di jadual PDA9-14 yang disertakan.
Adakah sah bahawa syarikat syarikat minyak lain mungkin telah di-untukkan hak bagi jumpaan petroleum di Malaysia? Dengan apa kuasa, badan berkuasa, apa seksi di bawah undangan Akta 144 atau sesuatu undang-undang Parliamen bahawa hak eksklusif Petronas dibahagikan dengan syarikat lain dan siapa yang berbuat arahan itu? Hak eksklusif yang dibahagikan dengan pihak lain jika betul (PDA 13 item 11) atas bekalan petroleum secara harga yang tertentu tertakluk nampak perjanjian-perjanjian yang berkenaan boleh mengakibatkan kerugian yang besar bagi Malaysia khasnya Sabah kerana harga pasaran minyak mentah waktu tempoh beberapa tahun adalah sangat tinggi. Bahagian Malaysia untuk petroleum Sabah adalah terendah seperti jadual PDA9-11 & PDA14 dengan tanda *SB*
Adakah wujud Jawatankuasa Penasihat Petroleum Nasional mengikut seksi 5, Akta 144? Untuk pertolongan siasatan pendahuluan, saya sertai contoh beberapa soalan mungkin timbul dalam lampiran A untuk perhatian atas pretasi dan kelanggaran dan ini adalah Laporan Polis kedua atas Petronas & Sabah KK/rpt/27530/04 21hb Dis 2004.
Kong Yun Chee@Joshua 480823125003, 26 Lrg 5, Tmn Iramanis, Kolombong, 88450 K. Kinabalu.
NB: The English version is the proper report for clarity.
attached: document pages PDA1-14..
Police Report on Petroleum Development Act- QUESTIONS (sample only) App A
1. PERFORMANCE of Petronas
1.1 In the absence of detailed accounts since 1974, how would the Prime Minister control and give valuable directions over the performance of Petronas according to clause 3 (2) of Act 144?
1.2 In the absence of proper accountability and transparency, how would the National Petroleum Advisory Council (NPAC) if any, function accordingly?
1.3 Is anyone from Sabah -one of the oil states being appointed to the NPAC?
1.4 Is there any independent verification process for the payments of oil royalties to the respective oil states?
1.5 Who would be entitled to the oil royalties of oil sourced from Labuan?
1.6 Has the Prime Minister and his delegates actually review those annual reports with proper detailed accounts professionally, if any?
1.7 Why is Petronas not encouraged to invest in the exploration and production in the oil blocks in Sabah and Sarawak as evident in many Production Sharing Contracts signed with other oil corporations?
1.8 Has the Prime Minister scrutinise those massive contracts for the oil infrastructure of Petronas in Malaysia and elsewhere?
1.9 Has the Prime Minister any control over those many overseas investments and purchases/takeovers of oil companies?
1.10 How much financial commitments had been carried out in activities not relevant to the petroleum industries tentamount to abuses of fund?
2. Violations as alleged of the PDA 1974 - Act 144.
2.1 Is the Act 144 being amended to permit Petronas to share its exclusive rights over the oil discoveries as per schedules PDA9-11 as marked *SB* (examples only)?
2.2 Can the public have access to the agreements of Petronas including the Production Sharing Contracts and Joint ventures to establish the value of such alleged violations?
2.3 Are the 6 option holders as the per item 11 of PDA13 the same parties in those Production Sharing Contracts also known as working interests in PDA9?
2.4 Petronas has been accused of involvement of internal conflicts in some nations and how widespread is this in departure of the PDA?
3. Social obligations to Sabah in corporate social responsibilities
3.1 Please quantify the amount of financial contributions direct to Sabah in such areas since 1976 such as scholarships, sponsorship of public activities and other charities such as disaster reliefs.
4. General questions and comments
4.1 What the CEO said in the recent media exposures especially item 10 of PDA12 must be reconciled with the annual reports and substantial historic records hence a Royal Commission of Inquiry is needed with the effort of Consumers Association of Sabah & Labuan FT as per PDA7.
4.2 For the aforesaid alleged shortcomings, Sabah deserves to be allocated a special substantial amount much higher than 5% from Petronas directly or otherwise for the reconstruction of the backward State in a special trust fund managed by NGOs. Would this expectation materialise now as per PDA12-14?
4.3 The urgency of this case cannot be over-emphasized as we need to consolidate the performance with greater public awareness and scrutiny. The exclusive rights as granted is not a licence to ignore good governance, good public accountability for the Malaysians as it was only in the last 18 years that limited exposure of accounts were published (PDA 14). The recent annual reports & accounts are very limited in content.
Joshua Kong 11th July 2008
26. Nilwan Kabang
Further to my Police Reports especially
GE 2008 and its frauds by EC Luyang /1099/08 on 8/4/08 reference B14
ADUN Nilwan Kabang's IC must be investigated based on this view namely
1) the number is designated for a woman but ADUN is a man
2) NRD must have record of this IC and the 'error' be rectified.
3) Were the allegations at the nomination centre verified accordingly?
(see the note extracted from the Malaysia Today's blog below)
Other relevant Police Reports
1. Police Report on EPIC (Extra People IC) Oct 2004 KK/rpt/23408/04
2. UMNO Sabah and its membership (USKA) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 04
3. Identity Cards -genuine and dubious in the hands of illegals under P1/P2
'Project Mahathir' Karamunsing Rpt/0227/06 21 June 06
(Jointly with President (CASH) & Hashima Hasbullah of CASH)
4. EPIC OF SABAH -some VIPs K'sing/010000/07 07/07/2007
Joshua Kong 10th July 2008
LAPORAN POLIS - 11th July 2008
Bersambung beberapa Laporan Polis khasnya GE 2008 and its frauds by EC Luyang /1099/08 on 8/4/08 mukasurat B14, ADUN Nilwan Kabang's MyKad perlu disiasat seperti yang dimaklum di nota yang di perolehi seperti bawah dari laman web Malaysia Today di lampiran A rujukan
Tajuk Pekebun Kecil Tingkayu Buat Laporan Polis Terhadap CP Sabah.
MyKad Nilwan adalah 500606-12-5360/H0089819 dengan angka nombor akhir '0' dalam 5360 adalah rata untuk perempuan dan ganjil tetapnya untuk lelaki (lampiran B)
[[[written by KetamPadang, July 09, 2008 | 22:33:02
Itu ADUN Kunak Nilwan Kabang didakwa oleh satu calon ketika masa bantahan bagi pencalonan pilihanraya baru-baru ini sebagai penjenayah dan Kad Pengenalan dikeluarkan kepada orang yang berjantina perempuan. Nilwan Kabang katanya mempunyai rekod jenayah di Indonesia dan masih diburuh oleh kepolisan negara itu. Bantahan ditolak atas alasan jenayah itu dilakukan di luar Malaysia dan nombor KPnya adalah sah.

Di Sabah atas kerjasama pemimpin yang rosak dia mendapat surat lahir orang Sabah yang sudah meninggal bernama Nilwan Kabang iaitu seorang perempuan. Dalam daftar JPN nama Nilwan sememangnya perempuan. Bagaimanapun Nilwan sekarang ini lelaki... kerna Nilwan Kabang yang sebenar sudahpun meninggal dunia .... apapun boleh berlaku di Sabah.

Tersangan banyak orang yang meninggal di Sabah tidak dilaporkan kepada JPN kerana Kad Pengenalan serta surat beranak si mati ini boleh dijual ataupu boleh diperolehi percuma oleh PTI yang sama umur untuk menjadi jelmaan baru si mati. ]]]
Other relevant Police Reports by Joshua Kong
1. Police Report on EPIC (Extra People IC) Oct 2004 KK/rpt/23408/04
2. UMNO Sabah and its membership (USKA) KK/rpt/27530/04 21 Dec 04
3. Identity Cards -genuine and dubious in the hands of illegals under P1/P2
'Project Mahathir' Karamunsing Rpt/0227/06 21 June 06
(Jointly with President (CASH) & Hashima Hasbullah of CASH)
4. EPIC OF SABAH -some VIPs K'sing/010000/07 07/07/2007
Joshua Kong 10th July 2008
26 Police Reports of Joshua Y. C. Kong (2004-2008)


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    Joshua Kong

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