Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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27th Police Report next week February, 2009 worth RM30 trillions.

I have lodged at least 26 Police Reports (2004 -2008) as per schedule A. These Police Reports cover a wide range of issues and in this report I would like to address some issues on official corruption, abuses of power, frauds, mismanagement, cronyism, sedition, scandals, parliament mockery, treason, security, sovereignty and how all these questionable practices had caused the profligacy of the nation's resources worth tens of trillions of Ringgit with hardship for most people.
2. In this report, I would like to ask the Police and the relevant parties to conduct investigation on the following persons (only some are listed here) as supported by various documents attached herewith. Those with Tun title should have its immunity removed for the good of the society at large as it is a desirable measure for further action of so called 'confession' of Tun Mahathir's speech on Corruption in Forum for the Global Competition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia recently. The order of names listed below is not in order of importance as the alleged offences are not ranked here.

many top names mentioned

7. The impact of all these items have been the reasons of the Food and Fuel Prices Upheaval in Malaysia especially in Sabah although we have substantial fossil oil and other natural resources. Despite claim of fundamental economic strength, the prices of most goods and services remain very high since 5th June 2008 although the crude oil prices in the global market remain below US$50 for some months recently. When many oil producing countries on 5th June 2008 were charging much less as per schedule Y, Malaysia's pump price was RM2.70 per litre while Venezuela was RM0.16 per litre. According to the Petronas crude oil prices of 2004 of below US$50 (schedule Z), the pump price was RM1 per litre. Today, the pump prices remain unreasonable high with the petrol at RM1.80 per litre hence causing much hardship to the people of similar wages level of June 2008. The substantial savings of the oil subsidies since August 2008 have not been channelled to improve public transport and instead diverted into many other areas like by elections expenditure in Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu and projects for the cronies plus patching up previous financial scandals especially Khazanah Holding was reported with a recent loss of RM18 billions in net assets as an example of national profligacy.
8. It is obvious proper investigations always denied by the appropriate authorities should be implemented accordingly without fail or the failed nation is going into the unknown with much more burden for all in this era of globalisation when recession had been declared in several major economic developed nations.. Justice must be seen to be served now. There are enough critical issues to be dealt with by several Royal Commission of Inquiry for the nation to move on towards better future in advancement or to be left far behind.

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